I Spent the Last Week Doing

Not a lot of inspiration this week.

It’s Saturday and as I look back on this week, I realize I didn’t have or follow many inspired ideas.

After feeling several very strong nudges to finish creating and producing a program for my business, I spent the entire week working on that. It took a lot of time and kept me very busy.

Normally I don’t like to be that focused on DOING, but I am so clear it’s important to get it done so I can free up space in my mind and schedule to work on my book proposal and actually start writing my book. I want to be in a very clear space to do that, and that’s tough for me when I feel big responsibilities hanging over me.

So how did it feel?

While I felt very productive, and now that all the content for the program is created I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, I also felt agitated off and on throughout the week. Even though I enjoy creating things and I know this program is really going to serve my clients in a big way, in some ways it felt like something I had to do. Not exactly an inspired feeling.

I have concluded it’s about delayed gratification…and the bigger picture.

Let’s face it, sometimes we just gotta do stuff. It’s the reality of life, paying the bills, running a business, having a family, and having responsibilities. Because I’m so clear this journey is not about relinquishing all of that to live on a mountaintop and meditate 24/7, I must learn to accept that as the saying goes, “there will be days like these” (or in this case weeks!) And, you know what, that’s okay.

It’s temporary. It’s a means to an end. It’s about a bigger goal and purpose.

This is definitely a journey for me. A transition from living and operating my life and business one way, into another. Even though I’ve been navigating my way over to this new path for several years now, I’m not perfect. And I know I never will be. I’m sure I will continue to face challenges around this, because old habits die hard. And, I’m breaking a 40+ year habit!

However, my intentions are clear. My goal going forward is to continue to strive to be more conscious about maintaining balance between the doing and the being; remember it’s important for me to leave space and time for inspiration; and lastly, to be careful not to consistently get caught in the trap of, “I’ll do that tomorrow, AFTER I finish this.”


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