Inspired Ideas Speaking to the Soul?

The Many Faces of Inspiration.

I’m learning as I interview more people that we all find inspiration in different ways.

I typically find it while running, or being out in nature, after I meditate, and while I’m journaling. The times when I step out of my head and open my heart. It’s as if space opens up and the inspired ideas can finally flow in.

The other day I spoke to a woman who gets inspiration through her dreams.

I think it’s important for all of us to tap into our own inspiring avenues. We can’t expect them to look like someone else’s. It’s about paying attention to where and how the inspiration is showing up, and cultivating more times like that in our lives.

We can’t look for inspiration.

It’s something that shows up when we’re ready to receive it. In fact, I wrote the other day about how trying to find inspiration actually has the opposite effect. It’s not about finding anything. It’s about listening.

As I was journaling this morning, I found myself wondering if inspired ideas actually come to us in different ways, at different times in our lives. Do they speak to us on different levels? When they show up to our thinking mind, is that because we’ve missed them in another form? Or, perhaps, when they come through to our mind, they’re simply validating what’s been happening in a more subtle way, in the past.

Case in point.

I was admiring some paintings I purchased a few years ago from a dear friend. Before I purchased these paintings, I had never purchased any original artwork. All of the artwork in my home is from my mother. She’s a very talented watercolor artist and I feel very blessed to have a house full of her paintings.

But a few years ago, after my friend Tamara started painting, I found myself particularly drawn to her work. I remember thinking, someday I want to own one of her paintings. Time went by and while I enjoyed seeing her paintings online, I never felt compelled to buy one.

Until I did.

About three years ago, I got a very strong hit (inspired idea) that it was time to get one of her paintings. I went on her website to peruse her gallery. I found the perfect painting. When I contacted her and told her it was finally time for me to have one of her paintings, she told me the one I had picked out had already been sold.

She also told me she’d be happy to paint something for me.

We had a discussion about colors and I sent her some photos of my home. She told me she’d let me know when she had some paintings completed for me to look at.

She ended up sending me photos of four paintings. I immediately felt drawn to two of them, a pair.

Autumn Walk

The pair of paintings feature an abstract representation of walking through autumn leaves. They spoke to me. They’re now hanging in my dining room.

Two years later I saw another one of her paintings on Facebook. Mind you’ve I’d seen plenty of her paintings online over the previous two years. But I could not let this one go. I messaged her and told her I wanted to buy it. It might sound crazy but I felt it was calling me.

All of these paintings were inspired by hikes.

Being outdoors and in the mountains.

I often gaze at them, and they take me away to the mountains, in my mind. While I have many beautiful paintings in my home, these are the only ones that have this affect on me.

Inspired ideas speaking to my soul?

This morning, as I was contemplating literally moving to the mountains, something that was not on my radar until just a few months ago, I started to wonder. Were these paintings inspired ideas speaking to my soul? Were they inspiration, in the form of art, showing up for me in a subconscious way? Inspiration, leading me to the mountains?

That may sound really out there to some people.

Quite honestly, it sounds a little out there to me, too! Still, I find it interesting that I felt so called to have these paintings in my home. There is most definitely something about them, beyond being pretty pictures. Perhaps I was being called to the mountains back in 2014 when I purchased the first pair. And again in 2016 when the third painting showed up. And it was all part of the same inspired path that’s leading me to visit the mountains next month (during the fall color—autumn leaves—no less!), to see if it’s someplace I want to live.

Stranger things have happened…

As I often say when talking about inspired ideas!

I’m learning the more we open our hearts to inspiration, the more it shows up. So perhaps, the more open we become, the more ways it shows up as well. We become more in tune with all the ways the Universe is trying to speak to us. To guide us to our inspired path. The path that leads us to our true purpose here on earth.

How about you?

Where do you get your inspired ideas? Do you believe they speak to our souls as much as our hearts and minds? Please post a comment and share.

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