Inspired Marketing [Video]

  • Does marketing and selling your services feel like that thing you have to do, but wish you didn’t?
  • Do you wonder if you’re doing it right?
  • Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends?
  • Are you frustrated with the time it takes to learn online marketing, or other marketing strategies?
  • Are you tired of doing what you think you need to do to market yourself, only to have that marketing fail?
  • Do you struggle with writing marketing copy?
  • Do you feel like you have to use social media, video, Facebook Live, or other marketing strategies you really don’t like doing?
  • Do you wish you could find a way to market your services that feels good to you and actually works?

I’d like to introduce you to something I call Inspired Marketing.

I studied marketing in college and I’ve worked in marketing for over 30 years. I’ve marketed other people’s million dollar businesses and I’ve marketed my own businesses. I’ve learned and done marketing strategies that frankly didn’t feel very good to me, but that I did because I thought I had to in order to be successful.

I almost left my business because of marketing.

A few years ago I almost walked away from my online business because so many of the online marketing strategies I was being taught just didn’t feel good to me. They felt manipulative and out of integrity. And I got to a point where I just wasn’t willing to do them anymore.

After taking a short hiatus from my business I realized that if I had been successful with the marketing I learned in college and in all the years prior to my online business, why would I think all of that experience wasn’t worth anything online? I realized I knew how to market and the real key was to go back to what I had done before stepping into the online world. And that was to trust my knowledge and experience, and quite frankly my gut, and simply do the marketing I was inspired to do.

Inspired Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing.

Having marketed both ways online—traditional and inspired—I can tell you it’s absolutely possible to be successful marketing inspired. Not only does it feel a whole lot better, it absolutely works. In fact, in my experience it works better, especially if you’re serious about creating a business that can support you for years to come.

When I finally put my finger on the fact that THAT was what I was actually doing… Inspired Marketing… I decided it was time to share it with the world.

Yes, I’ve taught a lot of marketing courses over the years.

And I stand by all of those courses. Because quite honestly there is a thread of inspired marketing running through all of them. Because that’s just how I’ve always marketed. Well, with the exception of a few years when I got caught up listening to too many other people and believing that in order to be successful I had to follow their systems and blueprints. Telling me I had to use tactics like manufactured scarcity and manipulation in order to get people to click and buy.

There is another way.

I’m here to tell you, that if you’re like me and you simply don’t want to market that way, you don’t have to.

I created my first six-figure business before I had ever even heard of those tactics. And I’ve created two more six-figure businesses since then, using my own marketing strategies and tactics. In fact, when I look back, it was the years that I was trying on all those tactics that I churned and burned through several business ideas and businesses, without success.

Because of all this I am so excited to now be sharing what I call Inspired Marketing. Here’s a sneak peek into my newest online course.

Enjoy… and here’s to Living, Working, and MARKETING Inspired!

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