Inspired to Pay it Forward [Video]

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Nate Estes of Mighty Hearts Project.

Not too long ago, Nate Estes was just another guy working in IT and playing video games in his free time. But when his five-year-old Maltese, Zoe, was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Heart Disease, and given one year to live, everything changed.

After many hopeless nights spent doing research online, Nate found one man doing Mitral Valve repair surgery on dogs. Problem was Nate lived in Los Angeles, and the surgeries were only being done in Japan and France. Nate made the decision to fly Zoe to France for the surgery.

It saved her life. And it changed his.

In this inspiring interview, Nate shares how going through this ordeal inspired him to want to help other pet parents with dogs facing the same prognosis. Nate and six others created the Mighty Hearts Project, a non profit foundation dedicated to bringing visibility to this surgery by sharing their collective knowledge about their experience.

Their goal is to advance the care for dogs in the United States by collaborating with veterinarians and other supporters to share current research and updates on emerging techniques on mitral valve disease and repair. They eventually hope to have doctors trained to do this surgery in the United States, where it could be covered by pet insurance.

Nate vowed if Zoe survived he would pay it forward.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing, trading in his video games for tireless volunteer work focused on building and promoting the Mighty Hearts Project, and supporting others who are facing this disease with their pets.

I invite you to watch, learn, and be inspired!

Whether you’re a dog person or not, I think you’ll appreciate how Nate has chosen to take a very emotional and difficult situation in his life and turn it into serving others. I’m learning that’s what’s at the heart of so many inspired stories.

You can learn more about the Mighty Hearts Project on their website or on Facebook.

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