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Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Sandra Corso, Founder of SuddenlyFree.Life.

Sandra Corso

Please describe the inspired idea(s) that led you to start your business or begin your inspired journey.

I’ve always loved to travel, but it always felt like a guilty pleasure. Like some frivolous and indulgent thing that I wasn’t supposed to want. But I woke up one morning, almost a year ago, with a brilliant and fully-formed idea! Therapeutic travel! Imagine a journey designed specifically to wedge people out of their comfort zone, and into discovering what really lights their fire!

I envisioned this journey consisting of a variety of activities like touring historic sites, participating in cultural events, volunteering for a charitable cause, adventures like hiking or zip-lining or canoeing, coupled with discussions and journaling exercises to help people get in touch with how they feel about these new experiences, and what they are learning about themselves.

Ideally, this journey would take place in a foreign city where the participants don’t speak the local language, and would include training on language basics, and how to get around the city (because one activity involves having them pair up and set out on their own adventure!). My dream location for the first such journey would be Rome!

Please share specific examples of how you’ve followed inspiration.

At the time, I was taking a course on career happiness, and was hoping to rediscover my motivation toward building a completely different business. I’d started the business earlier that year, but it wasn’t going anywhere, and suddenly, I just didn’t care any more.

But on the day I woke up with this idea, I pitched it to the group, because I just couldn’t keep it to myself! Many people liked the idea, but the group leader, a well-known career coach, made the comment “I’ve been wondering when you were going to get into life coaching!”

What? Me?

And she said “if you go over to my free group, there is hardly a post that you haven’t commented on. You are always in there sharing your wisdom and asking those thought-provoking questions and cheering people on. You’re already doing it! You might as well get trained and get paid!”

I jumped into research about life coaching and retreats, including lots of interviews with people who did both. I also did some market research to help validate the ideas I had about who I wanted to help. And I found some of the most amazing people!

Since then, I have manifested:

  • Freelance work in my former career to help pay for training and start-up costs
  • Someone who covered my tuition for the initial phase of my coach training
  • A writing workshop that helped me tell my story in a way that would resonate with my ideal clients
  • A messaging challenge that helped me nail down my niche, and how to talk to them
  • A ‘techie’ type who has been awesome in helping me set up all the moving parts of the business
  • A money mindset challenge that helped me improve my relationship with money so I didn’t keep sabotaging my efforts
  • A business and mindset coach to help me launch my business
  • A marketing challenge that helped me with ideas on how to reach my ideal clients
  • An invitation to be interviewed on a livecast featuring female entrepreneurs
  • And soooo many wonderfully supportive people!

While my business is just getting started, I am already laying the groundwork to bring my vision to life! Stay tuned!

Could you have planned this?

Never in a million years! I always wanted a job that included travel. Barring that, I wanted a job that paid well enough that I could travel. But I still felt guilty about that. This was a way that I could travel, and help people at the same time! And especially people like me, who had their lives suddenly turned upside down by a major life change, and had no idea who they were any more.

What has amazed you most about this journey?

The people I’ve met along the way have been amazing! And the serendipity of having all these things fall into my lap along the way! And the personal growth that I’ve experienced as I stepped outside my comfort zone, and embraced this person I never imagined becoming!

What advice would you share with someone who wants to build an inspired business or live a more inspired life?

Whatever you are inspired to do, don’t stop until you find your tribe! No matter what your vision, there are people out there who will love it, and who will help you make it happen! Go find them!

You can learn more about Sandra on her website or Facebook Group.

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