Is Six Figures Enough?

Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara StannyIn her book Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Barbara Stanny writes that numerous psychologists told her that the amount people earn indicates how they feel about themselves, like a mirror reflecting back their level of self-worth. She shares that most of the 150 six-figure women she interviewed admitted that as their earnings soared, their self-esteem increased.

One woman said, “When I made money it changed the way I thought about myself.”

Another added, “I made $150,000 so far this year, which tells me people think I’m talented. When I wasn’t making money, I would say . . . ’you’re so talented you should have more clients.’ But it wouldn’t help. I didn’t feel worthy. Making this kind of money feeds my self-esteem.”

Stanny also found that for the high-earning women she interviewed, money was not the motivator.

Rather, it was what the money represented: recognition, security, challenge, and independence. She also discovered that, despite the fact these women were earning more than 99 percent of the people in the world, very few felt rich. Instead, most felt that even though they were earning six figures, they still didn’t have enough money.

Do you agree?

Does money change how you view yourself? Is making money your motivation, or is it what the money represents? Do you feel that no matter how much you make it still isn’t enough?


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5 comments on “Is Six Figures Enough?

  1. This entire topic is bassackward. If you (Cause) place your sense of self on dead effect (your salary) it can never be enough! Same holds true of bodily size, car you drive, school you attend, etc. etc. ad nauseum. All of them are dead Effect!

    Here is the accurate sequence.
    First. Love your Self and know your worth.
    Second: Go earn it.

    In this way, the flow happens from within you, out and not the reverse. We are all damaged by the misinformation out there that “the universe” will provide xxx for you. YOU ARE the universe, so it has to happen from within out in order for it to be accurate, satisfying, and permanent.

    Pat Matson
    (Yes, as a matter of fact, I do teach metaphysics.)

  2. I totally agree Pat. Self worth comes from within. We will never find it out there. And, I love what you wrote: “Know your worth and go earn it.” That is backwards from the way many people approach it, myself included for many years without even realizing it.

  3. Great perspectives! I think we’re pretty much a mirror of society these days, and vice versa, and money and the representation of money just happens to be what we count and what counts. So it comes down to what we believe is important. And what we believe is important, our upbringing tells us, is other people’s opinions.
    Its as if humankind is at the stage of adolescence with all the self-consciousness that brings. With maturity ie education – of all sorts – and raised awareness and the adoption of new practices this will inevitably change. So I believe.

  4. Having “enough” is an internal experience, regardless of the amount of money one has. Net Worth does not = Self Worth. Many people place their projections, internal conflicts and unresolved feeling states on money, as if money has some power greater than them. Not the case.

    I believe money is the by-product of being able to identify, own and express our internal divine gifts out into the world.

    I buy into what John Randolph Price says, “money is not our supply, our connection to Source energy is our supply and money flows from the strength of that connection.

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