It’s Time to Change the Conversation Around Marketing


When it comes to being marketed and sold to, how do you feel about being…

  • Persuaded
  • Influenced
  • Seduced
  • Manipulated

Probably not too good, huh?

No one wants to feel controlled by a marketer, and that’s exactly what those words imply.

No one wants to be led down a “slippery slope” of marketing copy into making a purchase, yet that’s often how we’re taught to write.

So why do we succumb to creating marketing that does those things?

After all, if you look at marketing and much of the traditional wisdom teaching us how to do it, those are the words used. We’re taught how to do these things to our prospects and clients, yet we don’t want them done unto us.

Whatever happened to the golden rule?

I think it got sacrificed on the way to the bank!

There’s a popular book entitled Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. Many in the industry view it as the marketer’s bible. As a marketer, I bought into that idea and purchased the book, but never could get through it. It still sits on my shelf with the bookmark on page 47.  Even though I’ve been a marketer for over 30 years, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of persuading people to buy.

Marketing was invented to make people want to buy.

I have a degree in advertising and marketing, and spent the first part of my career working in advertising agencies, and that was always the root of the conversation, what will get them to buy?

Heck, really good marketing can even get you to buy something you didn’t even know you wanted!

Why?  Because it uses psychology and manipulation tactics (yes, I said it) to create desire.

It often makes us feel like we’re not good enough if we don’t have whatever they’re selling. I know I’ve fallen victim to this and I’m sure you have, too.

We all have. After all, it’s at the root of the materialistic society we live in and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality I believe is at least partly responsible for the mortgage industry crisis and maybe even the economic crisis.

Is anyone else seeing a problem here?

There is a role for marketing, but I believe that role is changing.

At least I’m on a mission to change it and I hope you’ll join me.

I believe marketing today, especially for service professionals, is about creating CONNECTION and RESONANCE. If you make that your goal, clients will not be tricked into buying your products and services. They will not be led down a slippery slope. They will be getting the information they need to make an informed decision.

How do you create Connection and Resonance?

By being in touch with your purpose and the message you’re here to share. By truly understanding how your product or service fits into someone’s life and makes it better. By understanding your ideal clients and what their struggles are, so you can create products and services that address those struggles. By respecting people. By truly caring and wanting to help. By speaking and marketing from your heart.

Do you see it’s not about selling stuff?

It’s about SERVICE.

Look, I’m not against making money or making a living.

I teach people how to do both. I just do it from a little bit different perspective. Because I’ve found that when you come from these three places: Connection, Resonance, and Service, it not only works better, it feels better.

When you’re coming from purpose and you see the good you’re here to do in this world, and you share that message from your heart, you can’t help but connect and resonate with those who need to hear it. And then you’ll have the opportunity to serve them.

About Debbie

Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. Now she helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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