Less = More [Video]


In this short TED video, Graham Hill shares his concept of “Life Edited.”

He shares that even though Americans have three times the space they had 50 years ago, we also now have a $22 billion personal storage industry. Apparently all that extra space still isn’t enough for all our stuff.

Graham points out that the result of all of this accumulation is three-fold.

  1. We have more debt
  2. We’re leaving a huge environmental footprint
  3. Happiness levels have remained flat over the same 50-year period

Graham encourages us to Live Little by:

  1. Editing ruthlessly
  2. Thinking small
  3. Making things multifunctional

He suggests that with a little life editing, we will experience more freedom and have more time to enjoy life.

Here’s the video. What do you think?


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1 comment on “Less = More [Video]

  1. I love this video! It’s a great reminder that I don’t need anything more. I have plenty and need to “edit ruthlessly”. Thanks!

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