I woke up last Wednesday morning to a text message.

It was from my sister in California. Dad had fallen and broken his hip. He was in the hospital and heading into surgery later that day. My immediate thought was I needed to be there. And by 11pm that night I was, thanks to a same day flight from North Carolina to California, compliments of my brother and his accumulation of air miles.

It’s been over a week and dad is now recovering in a rehab center. While I’m settling into my new, temporary normal.

This morning, as I was going for a walk around the neighborhood I grew up in, I realized something. Even when life throws you curve balls, and this definitely was a curve ball, it can still be a gift.

While dad’s away I’m staying with mom. In fact, I’m sleeping in my childhood bedroom, in the same bed that cradled me through my teenage years. Mom and I spend all day with dad, and come home and have dinner together each night. As a result I’m spending more one-on-one time with my parents than I think I’ve spent with them my entire adult life.

And all because I moved away a year ago.

That may sound counterintuitive, but I know if I was still living a short drive away, as I did for more than 50 years, I’d be visiting but I wouldn’t there for them the way I’m able to be now.

One of the hardest things about moving to North Carolina was moving away from my parents. And now, the fact that I did move is exactly what’s made it possible for me to be with them around the clock during this challenging time. Go figure!

Once again I’m seeing that when you’re able to let go, and allow yourself to simply go along for the ride, the universe always has your back.

As a side note, the mountain photo above is the view from my parent’s backyard. It dawned on me this morning that I’ve traded my North Carolina mountaintop view, for a view looking up. A change in perspective and a great reminder to keep looking up. 

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