Live Inspired

Inspiration is the creative fire of life. It’s what makes life fun, meaningful, and juicy! It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going all day long. It’s what fuels a fulfilling life.

When’s the last time you felt inspired?

  • Maybe you read a book and were inspired to make changes in your life.
  • Maybe you had a health scare and were inspired to start eating healthier.
  • Maybe you saw someone run a marathon and were inspired to take up running.
  • Maybe you saw someone in need and were inspired to volunteer.
  • Maybe you finally found your purpose and were inspired to go back to school.

Inspired ideas may be prompted by something we see, hear, or experience.

Other times they show up out of the blue. Like a little voice in our head, telling us we ought to do something. Or a feeling in our heart urging us in a new direction.

Sometimes inspired ideas are as seemingly inconsequential as feeling like going to a movie or reading a specific book.

Other times they can be life altering, like being inspired to move across the country.

Either way, despite the magnitude, they feel compelling. Like something we want to do. Something we ought to do. Something we’re being called to do.

I want you to think about a time you felt inspired.

Odds are it wasn’t part of a plan you had carefully crafted. There’s a better chance the inspired idea came out of left field. That it was unexpected. Perhaps even surprised you as much as it excited you. And very likely resulted in you veering off your current path and into uncharted territory.

Case in Point.

I was born and raised in San Diego. My family lives here. I fully expected I would always live here. So much so it never even crossed my mind to move somewhere else. Until one day, an inspired idea popped into my head, and prompted me to ask my husband a simple question: “Would you sell the house and move to another state if it meant you could retire now?”

When he answered “YES!” it opened up a whole new path in our lives. One we’re currently on, that has us researching, traveling, and considering a cross-country move within the next year. I don’t know yet if the move will materialize, but we are following one inspired idea after another and trusting we will end up exactly where we’re supposed to be.

That’s a pretty extreme example of an inspired idea. In fact when I wrote about it on my blog I called it My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet.

But it’s also a great example because it exemplifies just how unexpected inspired ideas can be. How they often fly in the face of the best laid plans. And, at the same time feel so compelling.

You can’t plan to be inspired.

I’m not exactly sure where inspiration comes from, but I do know it doesn’t come from the logical, left side of our brain.

I tend to think it comes from the Universe, God, a higher power, your higher self, or whatever you choose to call it. And that’s why I believe inspired ideas always put us on the best path for our life. Because in a way they’re divine intervention.

Inspired ideas show up when your mind is open. They may come when you’re disillusioned and feel like giving up. That moment when you let go, just enough.

Even though we may not know where inspired ideas come from, I can tell you one thing. The inspired path feels like the path we want to follow… the path we’re supposed to follow.

Inspired ideas excite us.

They fill us with possibility. With optimism. With hope.

And when you have the courage to follow them, you’re rewarded. Things fall into place. People. Opportunities. Synchronicities. Everything just seems to flow.

That’s not so say there are no obstacles or effort involved. Typically there are both. However, you feel a pull forward when you’re inspired. And that helps you stay motivated to do the work and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Living Inspired feels good!

And, in a time when it often seems our world is spinning out of control, learning to let go, trust, and follow inspiration is a much more peaceful way to live.

If you’d like to open up to Living More Inspired you’re in the right place.

I have an entire blog, Following Inspiration, devoted to the idea of living and working inspired. I’m also writing and creating courses to teach others how to follow a more inspired path in life and in business. I expect to begin releasing these sometime in 2018.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me on the inspired path and to download my free ebook, What’s Holding You Back.