Living Inspired

What is Living Inspired?

Living Inspired is choosing to live your life following inspired ideas, instead of according to a rigid plan that you create. An inspired idea is a thought or idea that just shows up, or pops into your head. Sometimes they feel like a quiet whisper. Other times like a great big lightbulb idea. Living Inspired is about paying attention to the people, ideas, thoughts, situations, synchronicities, and opportunities that show up in your life, and following those that feel right in your heart. Even if they sometimes make no sense to your head!

I’d love to feature your Living Inspired Story.

  • Did you make a job or career change as the result of an inspired idea?
  • Did an inspired idea lead you to close a business or start a new one?
  • Were you inspired to make a major life change?
  • Did an inspired aha lead you to do something different than you had planned?
  • Did an inspired idea set you on a new path in life?
  • Has a series of inspired ideas helped you build your business, or create your life?
  • Is following inspiration the way you live each day, doing what shows up instead of following a to-do list?

These are just some examples of Living Inspired.

I’d love to hear how you’re Living Inspired. Whether your story involves a major life change, or simply an inspired decision about how to spend an afternoon, I’d love to hear it, and share it with others.

Want to see some examples of Living Inspired Stories? You’ll find some here.

Big or small I want to hear them all!

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