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Living Inspired Guest Post, by Michell Pulliam.

Michell PulliamI believe each and every person on this earth has a story, or something within them God wants them to share with the world. Whatever our stories are, we want the ending to be that we lived our lives well, and we were madly in love with it!

My story, goes a little like this….

Over the past 28 years, I was known as my husband’s wife, or my children’s mother. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE those roles! I’m constantly harping on women to be content and ENJOY the season God has them in (especially those years when our children are growing), because we’ll never get them back.

But I looked up one day and our youngest was headed off to college, and I was approaching 50, and the seasons I had become accustomed to for the past 25 years or so, were coming to an end!

What now, I asked myself.

I mean, I’m still my husband’s wife and my children’s mother. But the dynamics of those relationships had changed. And I had to make a determination as to whether or not I wanted to change and evolve with them, or just sit back, grow old, and be content.

The late Dr. Myles Munroe put it best when he said, “One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped.” I was always that type of person who never liked “should haves, could haves, would haves, or ifs”. In other words, I never wanted a dream I had to just lie within me and sit dormant, or worse… die! I knew there was more to life that I had yet to discover (a bigger purpose).

I kind of had a clue, but then I didn’t.

And if I had a clue, I didn’t know how to express it or bring it to fruition. I went through my own personal transformation. I started writing a blog in 2012 and stopped cold turkey in 2015. I tried my best to go back to it, but I didn’t have the passion I once had for it anymore.

I had a good following, had my “tribe” and all, and even made some great friendships. No person in their right mind would leave that, so I thought! But when you’ve got a greater purpose in life, even those things aren’t enough to hold you where you are.

I enjoyed writing, but not that way anymore. So, naturally I wrote a book! Actually three books to be exact, but I only finished one. I published it, and decided I needed an author’s website. I mean, because that’s what authors do, right? Well that didn’t last long either.

Once again, I was bored.

So obviously, that wasn’t it either, because when you’re living your purpose, there’s nothing boring about it. My creative juices were being bottled up, and it was driving me crazy! That’s when I went to God and just asked Him, “what’s going on?”

Sometimes you have to throw your hands up, take a step back, and evaluate your life.

And in the midst of all that I knew God was trying to tell me something. God has such a funny way of putting you right on the path you belong on, but only if you’re open to it.

I don’t know how I came across this woman, but her coaching website popped in my inbox one day, and I was hooked! I don’t remember all she said, but she said something about living your true authentic self. Now, I had heard and even taught this myself, but for some reason that day, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I know for a fact it was because everything was in alignment, and it was the right and ordained time for it to happen.

She also said to find a word that encompasses who you desire to be. I don’t know where this word came from, but the word “cultured” came to my spirit. I studied that word relentlessly and tried to filter every part of my life through it. And it dawned on me that I loved writing and helping women. I would bounce ideas off my husband and kids, but they had no idea what I was working on. As far as they were concerned, I was still writing books and trying to come up with characters and plots.

So I started researching coaching.

I was reading, taking classes, watching webinars and anything else to learn the ins and outs of the coaching business. I listened to, and was inspired by, some of the best in the business. Until one day the Lord told me that all my studying was good, but, I already had everything within me I needed to be successful at what I had a passion for. Twenty plus years of full-time ministry, 20 plus years of helping women pry through their problems, 20 plus years of encouraging, listening to, and mentoring women from all walks of life.

Not realizing that I was coaching all along.

I truly believe God prepares us our entire lives for the calling He has for us. I started thinking about all the women God had allowed to come across my path, and how I wanted to expand that outside of ministry. I had an epiphany (of course inspired by God)!

One thing led to another and as they say, the rest is history!

Everything I taught myself and then some, I ended up turning into a curriculum which then turned into a program. And thus I have my “Cultured Life” personal and professional development programs for women. God and I got together and my coaching business was birthed! I like to call myself the life skills maven! Through my coaching and programs, I empower and equip women with the skills needed to get rid of their self-limiting beliefs, so they can transform their personal and professional lives, to fully walking in their purpose and have a life they are madly in love with! My mission in life is to help as many women as I can to get on that path!

Because each one of us was put on this earth for a purpose and mission.

Something that’s not just for us, but bigger than us. Something that helps mankind and blesses others, which in turn, blesses us and brings us fulfillment, satisfaction and joy! And I can honestly say that I’m living that right now… the life of my dreams! Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my story! I hope it inspires someone!

You can learn more about Michell and her coaching here.

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2 comments on “Living The Life Of Her Dreams

  1. Thanks so much Debbie for the opportunity to share my story! I sure hope it inspires someone to grab their dreams by the horns and just go for it! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  2. You’re welcome Michell. Your passion is definitely inspiring. I also love that you openly shared the winding road that led you to where you are. Often times, I think people believe that if they follow their passion or inspiration, the path will be smooth and direct. As I’ve experienced, and as you shared, that is usually not the case. But there are lessons that come from every step of the journey, and they all become an essential part of where we eventually end up.

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