Marketing Your Services with Video and a YouTube Channel

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 117

Marketing Your Services with Video and a YouTube Channel

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Video is a great way to market yourself as a coach or consultant. It helps your prospects and clients get to know you because they can see and hear you. Plus it’s a great way to share your expertise and establish yourself as a credible service professional. And with today’s technology you don’t need expensive equipment. Pretty much anyone can shoot and post video online. Find out if video marketing and creating a YouTube channel is a good fit for you in this episode.

Video marketing is one of the 11 content marketing strategies I share in my course, How to Use Content Marketing to Become Known as an Expert and Get Clients. You can enroll for $19 here (you save $30).

By the way, if you hear a little background noise in this episode, it’s just my golden retriever puppy Faith. She decided it would be fun to play with her bone on the hardwood floor in my office while I was recording. Oh, the hazards of having puppies in your home office! I was on a roll recording so I decided it wasn’t bad enough to re-record. I hope you agree!

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