Mastery and Working Inspired

I was talking with a friend the other day about following inspiration in business, and she shared something I hadn’t considered before. She insisted that in order to follow inspiration in business, you must first achieve mastery.

As we walked and talked, I contemplated this idea.

Can anyone follow inspired ideas in business, or is it a concept that’s reserved for the experienced?

Do you really need to have mastered your work in order to follow inspiration?

I think she’s right.

While inspired ideas are available to anyone willing to open up and invite them in, to follow inspiration in business requires a certain level of trust and confidence that may not be there for newbies. Part of what enables us to step out and take inspired action, especially when it’s uncomfortable or scary, is the knowing that whatever happens, we’ll be OK. And that knowing often comes from experience. It comes from trusting yourself. And those things may be hard to find if you’re brand new to what you’re doing.

If you’ve never run a business before, there are things you need to learn before you can be successful. You need to build up your toolkit with knowledge and skills. You need to get a few “been there and done that’s” under your belt. You need to experience success, and failure.

I’ve always counseled my clients that confidence is the number one prerequisite to successfully selling coaching or consulting services. Without it, you’ll struggle to sell, even following the best of systems, because clients can smell trepidation a mile away. There’s an energy that’s present when you lack confidence, and clients can absolutely feel it.

Confidence enables inspired action as well.

With inspired ideas, it’s the confidence in the work you do, and the difference you make in your clients’ lives, that allows you to step into the uncertain territory of inspiration and follow.

Your mastery breeds trust.

You know how to be in business. You’re not afraid to market and sell (even if you’re not an expert, you’ve at least gotten your feet wet in both). You know the work you do makes a difference in people’s lives. You’re excited about sharing that work, and mastery, with others.

It’s that excitement, anticipation, and confidence that allow you to open up to, and follow inspired ideas, even when you’re not sure where they’ll take you.

As my friend and I continued our conversation, I shared with her that in my courses I teach that educating yourself, studying business and marketing, taking courses, hiring mentors, and continually learning are definitely necessary ingredients in successfully working inspired.

So, what do you do if you’re new in business, or you haven’t yet mastered your craft, business, or marketing?

You become a sponge.

You learn all you can. And you focus on building your expertise, experience, and confidence.

You practice following inspired ideas in your life, and in small, relatively risk-free areas of your business.

Building confidence and mastery doesn’t have to take years.

You can start building both in small ways first, and then expand from there. It’s definitely a cumulative endeavor. You build confidence in little areas, one at a time, by learning and practicing and testing your skills. Until eventually, all those little areas snowball into one great big ball of confidence.

When I started in business, I wasn’t confident in my ability to market myself or sell my services. But I was confident in my ability to help people market. Over time, with education, experience, and practice, I grew my confidence as an entrepreneur, then as an online marketer, and finally as a writer, and teacher.

Wherever you are on the confidence and mastery continuum, know that as long as you continue learning and taking action, your confidence and mastery will grow. And, as long as you keep practicing following inspiration in your life, and your business, even if only in small ways, your trust in following inspiration will grow, as well.

2 thoughts on “Mastery and Working Inspired”

  1. Exactly!!
    And the thing is, mastery does not mean perfection, or being at the pinnacle… you can live inspired up to the level of your current mastery, whatever that is.
    Beyond the area of your mastery, you are a student, as you say.
    Trying to let go beyond what you know, without admitting you don’t know and becoming a beginner again, just traumatizes the sysyem.

    So…a beautiful piece of inspiration and mastery is mastering the arts of being a student. Not knowing. Being curious and open. Wondering and asking questions.

    And THAT will create an inspired life almost immediately.

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