Money, Status, and Stress

Bulter with Velvet Pillow

According to a recent Time magazine article, life stresses increase proportionate to increases in status (higher-status occupations and income levels) and “essentially cancel out many positive aspects of succeeding.”

While being of low social status (i.e. poor) definitely creates its own burdens, and increases in status do reduce these burdens, there appears to be a limit.

According to a University of Toronto study conducted among 1,800 Americans of all income levels, people with higher-status occupations and higher income levels experience greater stress. The commitment and responsibility felt by driven, high-status individuals can be overwhelming. And, the power that often comes with high-status can result in conflicts, which increases stress.

Keeping up the “look” of high-status life can add to stress levels, too.

The pressure to look the part with the right clothes, car, and house can also be a stressor.

Yes, people at lower status levels have stress, too, it’s just different.

So, lest we believe that making more money, or getting that promotion, or growing our business bigger will solve all of our problems, we are wise to remember that while it may make some aspects of our lives easier or better, it’s also likely to bring with it additional stresses and challenges we may not expect.


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