Like so many people I was looking forward to a fresh positive start to 2021. 

Well that didn’t happen the way I had hoped. You see, on December 26th, after an absolutely beautiful white Christmas, I fell on black ice in my driveway and broke my wrist. I will be in this brace until at least mid February.

I’ve never broken a bone before and I’m realizing that when you’re right handed and you break your right wrist it changes how you do just about everything.

That’s when I realized I really had no choice but to accept it and move forward.

I had to let go of the fresh positive start I was looking forward to, and start the new year being unable to do so many of the things I love and enjoy.

I had to  accept that until my wrist is healed, I won’t be able to go hiking or ride my bike. Until I can bear all my weight on my wrist, I can’t do yoga, or at least I can’t do my normal yoga practice.

I’ve had to put on hold the hobby I decided to take up during the COVID-19 pandemic—something I’ve wanted to learn to do my entire life—learning to play piano.

I’ve had to accept that I’m not currently totally independent, because there are things I need help with. Simple things like opening jars, cutting anything, lifting things, tying my shoes, leashing up my dog, even putting on my Apple Watch. Without full use of both hands, so many things have become a challenge, if not impossible. 

I’ve had to let go of closing my rings everyday on my Apple watch, because unless I take two long walks each day, it simply does not happen. And sometimes when I walk too much, my wrist aches. I don’t know why, I’m not walking on my hands, but it’s just something that happens.

I’ve had to let go of blow drying my hair, and even styling it for the most part, because neither are a one-handed job. The silver lining of this limitation is that I’m learning to love my naturally curly hair and I’m saving a ton of time!

I’m also learning to ask for help, something that’s not in my DNA as a fiercely independent person. My husband even remarked the other day that he likes taking care of me. If I’m being honest, I like it too. 

I’m letting go of things having to be done the way I do them, because my husband does things his way and I have no business complaining if I can’t do them myself. 

I’m learning patience. We were in the middle of a shower renovation when this happened so my husband is now completing the project on his own. It’s taking longer. And I’m just letting it take however long it takes, because it’s not fair for me to push him to complete it faster when I can’t help.

This injury even prompted me to go ahead and create an online course that I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. Because well, I had the time, and I can’t do much else! 

I’ve also been reminded that even good things can come from what we’d normally label as bad. If we’re open to the lessons, they’re there for the learning.

While I wouldn’t wish a broken wrist on anyone, and of course my life would be easier right now without it, I’m grateful for the lessons in letting go and acceptance my broken wrist is giving me. 




Letting Go.


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