Moved to Tears

  • Debbie 

One sure way to know whether you’re going through the motions in your life or business, or truly following an inspired path, is by evaluating the emotional connection.

  1. Do you feel passion for what you’re doing?
  2. Does it make you feel good when you’re doing it?
  3. Does it make an impact with other people?

Can you answer Yes to all three questions?

One of the reasons I feel so strongly about the pet therapy work I do with my dogs is I can easily answer YES to all three of these questions.

Doing work that moves people.

Yesterday, my therapy dog Hope and I visited a chronic pain and addiction support group. We’ve been visiting there monthly for several years. It’s one of Hope’s favorite visits. The patients are always happy to see her. They have a lot of energy. They play with her. And, they play ping-pong, which she loves to watch.

A special connection.

This week, Hope connected in a very special way with a new patient. The patient was in physical pain, as well as emotional pain. She began crying as she was petting Hope. She missed her family, her dogs, and she was hurting. And Hope was there for her.

As she told Hope she loved her, she looked up at me and thanked me for bringing Hope to visit. She shared a little bit of her story and told me how hard it was to be there. I knew in that moment we were exactly where we were supposed to be, doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing.

What about you?

Whatever kind of work you do, whatever kind of business you run, it may not move your clients to tears. It’s not a typical occurrence for me either. You may not love it 100% of the time. And there may be days you’d rather be doing something else.

However, I hope that overall it makes you feel good. I hope it inspires others to thank you for doing what you do. And maybe every once in a while I hope it moves you or others to tears, in gratitude for the service you’re providing.

Because then you know you’re truly living inspired.

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