My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet

It all started with a question.

I’m not even sure where the question came from. It wasn’t something I had been thinking about, well at least not consciously.

My husband has been pretty stressed at work for quite some time now. I know he’d love to retire early, at least from his job of nearly 40 years. So perhaps it was that knowledge that prompted me to ask him one day…

“Would you sell the house and move to another state if it meant you could retire now?”

His response?

At first he said it might be tough to leave our home. In the last few years we’ve finally had the chance to do some much needed remodeling. And we finally have everything just the way we like it.

But after a few moments, he said yes, he’d sell and relocate in a heartbeat. We discussed the possibilities briefly, and then went on with our lives.

But the wheels had been set in motion.

The idea kept nagging. And if there’s anything I know about ideas that won’t go away, it’s that they’re inspired and they’re begging to be followed.

So I followed.

A Google search for states with climates similar to California led me to North Carolina.

A conversation with my brother, who lives in San Diego, but who has spent a good amount of time in Charlotte for years, confirmed my online research results.

A few months into the conversation, following one inspired idea at a time, the idea is growing legs.

Inspiration has led to…

Meeting with a local realtor to get a valuation on our home, which we learned can easily finance our relocation plans. It turns out all of our recent remodeling would likely result in our home selling quickly and quite possibly above anything else in our neighborhood.

Being connected, by that San Diego realtor, with a realtor in Western North Carolina who relocated from our very neighborhood, just three years ago.

Connecting with someone who relocated to Western North Carolina a year ago from San Diego, after seeing a friend tagged in a Facebook post about a vacation trip her daughter was on, in you guessed it, Western North Carolina.

Meeting with our financial planner to talk numbers, and learning it is indeed doable, at this time.

And, way too many synchronicities, amazing connections, and ahas to list here!

None of this has been planned.

I didn’t sit down and go into planning mode when this idea came up. We did not create a list of steps to be taken and research to be done. In fact, I told my husband, I couldn’t do that. I needed to do this differently. I needed to let every step be inspired. So he, never the planner in our 40-year relationship, has been doing most of the due diligence. And I have been taking action as I’ve been inspired.

I’m amazed and surprised at how it’s unfolding.

If you’d told me at the beginning of the year we’d be looking at selling our home and moving across the country, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Well, I might have, given the way my life tends to work since I started following inspiration. But I can say for certain, this was never in our plans. We always expected to pay off our house and stay here. It’s what both our parents did. It was just kind of assumed, I guess.

However, as we look back, it makes sense.

We’ve discussed the idea of moving out of state several times in the past. We owned an investment property in Idaho a few years back and toyed with the idea of relocating there. But when we visited we just couldn’t see ourselves living there, so we let that idea go.

When our kids were younger, we took hiking vacations every year. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Glacier National Park in Montana, Yosemite in California, and Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah. We love the mountains and hiking so much, at one point we discussed relocating to Montana. Ultimately we decided against it, opting to stay in the place we’ve always known, with pleasant year-round weather, and where our families reside.

But this time it’s different.

It’s beginning to feel almost like destiny. With an online business, I can work from anywhere. And now that I spend most of my time writing, the thought of doing it in a more peaceful, nurturing place, feels right. In fact, it almost feels like it’s part of my “letting go” process. Moving from the only life I’ve ever known would be the biggest act of letting go ever. Perhaps it’s something I need to experience so I can write about it. After all, I’m crystal clear that encouraging others to let go and Live Inspired is what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

Our kids are grown.

One already lives back East. In fact, a move would put us much closer to her, which would be awesome. The other recently started looking at relocating to the Pacific Northwest, something else I never expected, yet his timing is in lock step with ours. So it looks like we’re all going to be in different places anyway.

We’re ready for a new adventure.

Our suburban neighborhood has been a wonderful place to raise our family. We have great neighbors and our small bedroom community has suited us and our lifestyle well. But in many ways, we feel like we’ve outgrown it. As our financial planner shared when we met, when people ask him about selling his big house or prize possession car, his response has always been “I enjoyed it while I had it, and now it’s time for something else.”

That’s how we feel.

It’s a big world out there. We’ve never lived anywhere but San Diego. Yes, it’s a beautiful place. But it’s not the only beautiful place. And we’re ready for a change of scenery. We’re ready to trade in the beaches for the mountains. The big busy city for a smaller, slower paced community. The hot weather for four seasons, albeit mild seasons. My husband’s demanding, stressful job for the chance for him to follow his passions for art and photography. And the opportunity to travel with our dogs, hike, and maybe even do some on-the-road pet therapy… who knows?!

It’s scary thinking about leaving the only place we’ve ever known.

But it’s also exciting. There’s a lot to think about. Many decisions to be made. But we have time. Our daughter is getting married in our backyard next spring, so we can’t move before then. And that’s a good thing. It gives us time to see where things go. To follow what is showing up. To take action and do our due diligence in an inspired way, instead of according to a rigid plan.

It’s also gives us plenty of time to get used to the idea.

Some days I get excited thinking about the possibilities. Other days I’m filled with fear. Some of our conversations are fun and optimistic. Other times we find ourselves falling into an argument, which we eventually realize is rooted in fear.

I’m trying to take it one day at a time.

To not get too attached to it looking a certain way or having a specific outcome. To simply keep following where I’m being led. Trusting what feels right. And following through and taking inspired action.

A confession.

I have to say I was nervous to share this publicly on my blog. Fears of “what if it doesn’t work out?” had me wanting to keep it quiet. Part of me wanted to be sure it was going to happen before writing about it. But then I realized, there is no way it “won’t work out.” It’s an inspired idea. It will work out one way or another. Maybe we’ll end up relocating to North Carolina. Maybe we won’t. It’s an inspired path and I trust it will lead us wherever we are supposed to be.

After all, walking an inspired path is not about the destination.

It’s about the step-by-step journey. It’s about being present and mindful. It’s about appreciating each and every day, and each and every step. And following in wonder to see where those steps lead.

In the end I realized if I’m truly going to share what it’s like to Live Inspired, I had to share this journey. The ups and downs. The excitement and fears. The twists and turns. And ultimately wherever we end up, even if that’s right where we are.

As one of my friends said when she heard we were considering relocating, “exploration is an exciting adventure in and of itself.” And you know what, it is!

We’re heading to North Carolina in a few months.

I’ve travelled all over the U.S., to Canada, and to Australia, but I’ve never been to North Carolina. For some reason, I’m feeling called there. So, we’re going to go check it out. And, just as happened with our trip to Idaho years ago, I’m confident we’ll know after spending some time there, if it feels right or not. In the meantime, I promise to continue sharing our inspired journey here on the blog.

13 thoughts on “My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet”

  1. Love it! You are so authentic and generous to share your journey!

    I admired and followed when you set out on self-employment. I intended to do the same.I have always felt stupid for not being as successful as you were, as I believe I have similar talents. However, my path required a bunch of detours. Ha!

    But I’m over comparisons and beating myself up for past “hiding.” Ready to show up as my more evolved self with more specific offerings and opportunities that give me as much as what I have to give.

    Also, I’ve enjoyed your husband’s art and “readings.” He has been equally generous.

    I wish the best to both of you. A new chapter presents its elation and traumas; change can be a bitch. But is the only way we grow into the next adventure, better self and new possibility.

    xo, Andrea

    1. Thank you for sharing Andrea! It’s so interesting… while you were comparing your success to mine, for years I was busy comparing my success to others more successful than me. Or at least those who appeared to be more successful… making more money, having more clients, getting more big opportunities. Ha! No matter how successful you are, and honestly I hate to even write that because success is measured in so many different ways, there is always going to be someone with more. That’s not necessarily better. I have fewer clients now, a smaller email list, and I make less money, and I am SO much happier and fulfilled than when I was chasing success.

      I’m glad you stopped beating yourself up and you stopped comparing. It’s a no-win situation.

      I believe if you are following YOUR path (and for me that path is always an inspired one) you will be successful and happy in the best way for your life and your purpose here on earth.

      Thank you for your well wishes. I’m sending the same back to you!

  2. What’s your biggest, scariest inspired idea? One – relocation. To a new country, to a new language, to a new culture. Then, changing my career path, or – as I can see it now – rather “coming back” to all the things I was always interested in & valued. Now – the “urge” for another change, wow…

  3. M, I totally get it… your relocation sounds like mine on steroids lol! Congrats on listening to those urges and best of luck with all your changes. FYI, I love the idea of “coming back.” I hope it ends up feeling like home.

  4. How exciting Debbie! Thank you for courageously sharing your new ideas for the future. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable regarding this helps open so many doors of possibility and support no matter what the outcome!! Carpe Diem and Best Wishes <3

  5. I live in Georgia. I have been to North Carolina several times to visit and fish. It is a beautiful state. Since you enjoy hiking, you will have the Smokey Mountains and 4 seasons. You now live close to the beach in CA and in NC the Atlantic Ocean is only a short drive, the best of both worlds.

    1. Thanks for sharing Don. We are looking forward to our visit. NC seems like a very good fit for us and the lifestyle we’re looking for. Anxious to see how it pans out in person.

  6. 🙂 I love reading this, Debbie.

    As you know, I have had quite a life of following inspired ideas – sometimes willingly, sometimes with life dragging me by the scruff of the neck. About thirteen years ago now, I got fed up with my seeming insistence on being drug kicking and screaming into things that I knew I would love, if only I could get past whatever this thing was that had me slamming the door before I could even get it all the way open.

    And you know what?? You are going to laugh…

    On the day that I got so fed up that my frustration carried me into actual momentum (I actually sat up in bed and said this out loud)

    “Bleep this. I am DONE. Done. Life, Spirit, whoever is listening, I am DONE living like this. I don’t know where I’m going or what I am doing, but I do know this: I will settle for nothing less than a fully engaged life. I want two things. I want the work of my heart, whatever that is, and I want to be able to do it from wherever I want to be. Beyond that, take me. I am following.”

    That was in November. Do you know where I ended up in late January, after clearing my house out, renting it and putting what I could fit in my car and finding a job somewhere?

    Asheville, NC.

    Gotta love this, eh Debbie?

    You and I have been a lot of miles together, over the years that followed that decision.

    Go for it, old friend. Go for it. Rock on.

  7. I love what you’re doing. Of course, I’m a bit biased – I moved continents a couple of times with absolutely no idea if things would work out. When you are “on path,” things just happen. It’s amazing. I’m glad you are experiencing the same.

    1. Thanks for sharing Paul. I couldn’t agree more with this: “When you are ‘on path,’ things just happen. It’s amazing.”

      I continue to be amazed every single day.

      If you’re interested in sharing your story, I’m looking for inspiring stories from people who are “following the path” for a book I’m writing. Let me know.

  8. So, one year later…how are you liking N.C.? We left SD for 5 years in the Palm Beach area for a life adventure and then came back. I loved the trips to we took to N.C.

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