My Version of New Year’s Resolutions

The first of the year is a natural time for reflection.

For me, it’s not about setting resolutions, but more about getting refocused on my priorities for the year.

It’s also a great time to decide what new habits and practices I want to incorporate into my life, and which ones I want to leave behind.

I’m actually viewing this New Year as a pretty big turning point in my life.

I did a lot of reflecting and evaluating at the end of last year and made some decisions about what I want to make priorities in my life this year, both career-wise and personally.

Additionally, after finding a naturopathic doctor last August to help me with some nagging health issues I’ve been battling for the past four to five years, I’m finally starting to feel good again.

It’s true when they say you don’t miss your health until it’s gone.

I’ve been active and healthy for as long as I can remember. And I am now realizing how much I did take it for granted.

It has been very frustrating to not feel 100% and not have the energy or ability to run and workout like I’m used to. At the same time, I felt my body was telling me it needed a rest. It needed time to heal.

So, I listened.

Now that my body is on the mend and I’m getting my energy back, I’m excited to start working out again.

I’ve run a few times this week and it’s like I’m starting from scratch. While it’s great to be running again, I’d be lying if I said it felt good. It’s freaking hard! I’m trying to be patient and not push myself.

My New Year’s Reflections have prompted me to focus on the mind, body, spirit triad this year.


Starting to run and workout again and continuing on my naturopathic healing protocols are the body part. While it will be a challenge getting back into shape, this is the easiest one in the triad for me. Exercise and taking care of my body are part of my DNA.


After talking about it for years, in 2017 I’m finally committing to meditating daily. Running has always been my meditation time, so I never felt the need to have a still meditation practice. However, not running the past few years has made me realize that my mind gets all clogged up when I don’t give it time and space to breathe.

So, even though I’m starting to run again, I’m also giving traditional meditation a try. I found an app that guides me through a daily meditation and I’m enjoying it. It’s a short 10-minute practice every morning. Not too long or intimidating. And so far quite enlightening.


While I’m not a religious person, I am spiritual. I have always felt guided in my life, especially when I’m able to get out of own way and tap into my higher self. There is a practice others may not see as spiritual that is a spiritual experience for me: writing. When I sit down at my computer and write about what’s on my mind, or I open up my journal and write down my thoughts, it brings me closer to my higher self. It provides clarity. It illuminates my path forward.

So my commitment is to write every day.

No rules. Just write something.

Practicing Kindness.

The last part for me, and this is a biggie given my perfectionistic tendencies, is not to judge myself or give up if I miss a day or fall off the Mind Body Spirit wagon. I’m not going to ride myself that hard. I’m going to focus on being kind to myself.

These are all habits I’m choosing to cultivate because I’m inspired to. If a day goes by and I get sidetracked, that’s OK. But my hope is I will feel the benefits of each so much I won’t want to miss a day.

I know it takes time and practice to create new habits.

My intention is to stick with these practices for a month, so they become part of my daily routine. For now, I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

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