Now that’s Customer Service!

On Friday I took my car into the Lexus dealership for service. It was due for some regularly scheduled maintenance and I had also received a factory recall notice in the mail. So I figured I’d get it all taken care of at once.  One of the things I really appreciate about the Lexus service department is they always give you a free loaner car to use while your car is in the shop. That means no more trying to find someone to take you to pick up your car, no more being stranded without a car while your car is being serviced, and no more riding all over town in a complimentary shuttle while they drop off and pick up other customers. The free loaner car makes it easy to take your car in for service because it minimizes the inconvenience.

However, last Friday, my friendly neighborhood Lexus dealership topped the free loaner car and “wowwed” me again. Because I was having “recall” work done on my car, they said they would fill up my gas tank for free. What a nice touch!  They didn’t have to do this. After all, they weren’t even charging me for doing the recall repair. However, they understand that it’s an inconvenience to take your car in to be serviced, and when it’s to fix a problem they are responsible for, well that’s just not something most of us get excited about doing (in fact, I had been procrastinating taking my car in for the recall work for MONTHS!).

All I can say is Lexus GETS what customer service is all about. It’s about more than just treating your customers well. It’s about doing those little “extra” things they don’t expect. Those little extras aren’t necessary and that’s why they are so impressive.

So I ask you … how can you follow Lexus’ example in your business? How can you surprise your clients with a little extra touch of service they aren’t expecting? Because that’s how you create loyal clients who keep coming back and happily tell others about you (case in point, I’m on my second Lexus from THIS dealership AND I’m writing about Lexus on my blog!)

Me, I love to give my clients surprise gifts and send them handwritten notes to acknowledge their efforts. Yes, they’re just little things, however I believe they do make a difference.


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