One Year to an Excellent Life [Video]

Living Inspired Interview Featuring John Bardos of

John Bardos has been living abroad since 1997. He and his wife owned a successful business in Japan for more than a decade, but in early 2010, they sold or gave away everything they owned, including their house, car, and all their possessions, to live a nomadic traveling lifestyle.

One year to an Excellent Life.

In 2009, after years of wishing they could do something different with their lives, John made a one year plan to change countries and careers. He publicly made that declaration on his blog and in 2010 he left his business and his country behind.

What is a JetSetCitizen?

John believes there is a clear and growing movement in the world: People are starting to realize the old concepts of work, play, and success do not really satisfy any longer.

The idea of working hard for 40 years to save money and get a secure life, so that you can enjoy retirement, is no longer acceptable for many. We live in an age of amazing affluence and abundance: why shouldn’t we enjoy our lives now?

John and I spoke about what inspired him to close his business, sell all of his possessions, and change countries and careers, all within one year’s time.

It’s a fascinating conversation with a brave soul who is taking chances and living his life to the fullest. Oh, and by the way, he and his wife now have a two-year-old son who has joined them on this journey.

I invite you to watch, learn, and be inspired!

You can learn more about John on his website or Facebook Page.

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