How to Create, Market, and Grow an Inspired Business

7 Steps for Designing a Business With Ease, That’s Filled with Passion, Purpose, and Profit

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I've built three, 6-figure businesses

Hi, my name is Debbie LaChusa. I’ve been in business on my own since 1998 and I’ve built three successful, 6-figure businesses:   

1. A virtual marketing agency

2. A coaching/consulting business

3. An online course business

This online course brings together the two concepts I love the most and have practiced and mastered over my 30+ years in marketing, 20+ years in business, and 10+ years learning to let go and follow inspiration.

It is the marriage of building a business and following inspiration.

And, while it took me awhile to get comfortable letting go and allowing inspiration to direct my path in my business, what I discovered was that following inspiration in business is absolutely as magical as following inspiration in life.

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This isn't the type of business you learn how to build in business school.

Why you should create an Inspired Business

Today’s world requires this shift in business.

To be successful in business in today’s quickly changing, unpredictable world, you need to be nimble.

The odds the business you start today will be the same business you’ll be running 10 or 20 years from now are slim.

There’s a better chance your business will evolve, pivot, and shift with the times. Or, at least in keeping with your interests.  

And sadly, if you’re not able to evolve, you’ll probably end up out of business.

After 20+ years in business on my own, I’ve learned a few things about how to create, market, and grow a business. I’ve also learned there’s a hard way to do it, and a much easier way. And that easier way is what this course is all about.  

Why an Inspired Business?

  • It removes the struggle.
  • It eliminates the frustration.
  • It gets rid of competition and fear.
  • It allows you to fully step into the business you’re meant to create.
  • It makes decision-making easy.
  • It opens you up to a path of ease.


A path that leads you directly into the exact business you should be running. Into a business you not only enjoy, but one that is easy and comfortable to market. A business that serves your clients to the highest degree possible. And, a business that can happily support you for many years to come.


An Inspired Business isn’t so much a type of business.

It’s more of a way of being in business.  

I’d even go so far as to say it’s a way of being in life (and some pretty awesome and magical things happen when you choose to start living this way!)

Creating an Inspired Business means learning how to get in touch with your internal voice… you know the one… that voice that deep down knows what you want and tries to steer you in that direction, even if you don’t always listen.

That little voice that has your best interests at heart.

That little voice that easily finds the solutions to problems you rack your brain to figure out.

You may call that little voice your gut, your intuition, your higher self, God, or the universe… I call it Inspiration.

We’ve all had times we’ve felt inspired.

Maybe when we’re working on a project and we’re so in the flow we lose track of time.

Or perhaps when we get a sudden infusion of energy, motivation, and ideas, seemingly out of the blue.

Or when we’ve finally managed to disconnect from work and suddenly we get an idea that solves a problem we’ve been struggling with for months.

Inspiration is the creative juice of life and business.

It’s responsible for works of art, the birth of world-changing products and services, and literary masterpieces.

It’s also something you can put to work in your business.

And when you do, it will take your business to a whole new level.

Yes, it requires a change in mindset.

And some practice. But it’s not difficult.

And in this course I’m going to share with you a process, and some simple practices you can use to invite more inspiration into your business so you can realize all the benefits that come from running an inspired business.

In this course I will teach you:  

  • What an Inspired Business is (and what it is not). 
  • What the Circle of Inspired Business is and how to use it as your roadmap.   
  • 7 simple steps you can begin taking today to turn your existing business into an Inspired Business, or to create a brand new business. 
  • What an Inspiration Instigator is, and how to identify yours.   
  • The role Vision and Planning play in building an Inspired Business (and where they depart from the business school model).   
  • The one thing you MUST do that you’re probably not doing right now (it’s not hard but it will likely require some practice… it did for me). 
  • Why this is the best way to find a business that aligns with your Passion.   
  • Why this is also the best way to Find Your Purpose (or as I prefer to say, have your Purpose find you).  
  • Why Profit should not be your first priority (even though it is critically important).   
  • The difference between Inspired Marketing and Traditional Marketing and why this world needs more inspired marketers.  
  • What to do when inspiration fades, and how to get it back. 
  • How to know when it’s time to let go of a business and move on to something new (and how to figure out what that something new is).   
  • How to measure success in a way that’s more meaningful, and sustainable long term, than just how much money you’re making.
  • How to ensure you’ll be happy and profitable in your business for as long as you want. 


This course includes:

  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 33 bite-sized video lessons
  • Course Workbook (PDF)
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on computer, mobile devices, and TV
  • Assignments to reinforce learning
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The world has changed.

Customers expect more from businesses and business owners. And if you don’t provide it they’ll go somewhere else.

If you want to create a business that operates with integrity, that puts your customers and clients needs first and still turns a profit and fulfills your passion for doing meaningful work and making a difference, you want to create an inspired business.

Whether you’re just starting out and you want to create an inspired business from the get-go, or you’re already in business and you ready for a change, this course will walk you through the steps you need to take to create an inspired business.

Take it from me… someone who has built businesses the traditional way and the inspired way… inspired is the way to go. It is, in my opinion, the only way to discover and build the exact business you’re meant to have. The business that capitalizes on your strengths and enables you to serve your clients to the highest degree possible. And, the business that will easily grow and change as you, and the world, grow and change.

So what do you say? Ready to get inspired and start building the business you’re meant to have?

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