Overcoming Obstacles

  • Debbie 

Life is full of them.

Even when you’re living an inspired life. I suppose ultimately it’s all in how we choose to look at things. Are they really obstacles? Things getting in our way and preventing us from getting what we want or expect?

Or, are they merely the universe’s way of redirecting us? Helping us make a necessary course correction? Opening up the possibility for something better to materialize? Putting us on a brand new path? Or simply testing our resolve?

I’m not sure, but I do know obstacles can be quite frustrating.

Choosing to look for the silver lining instead of getting angry, certainly makes dealing with them easier. Realizing that things could actually turn out better than we planned helps, too. That, and accepting that’s the way things go sometimes. It’s not always a sign. It just is what it is.

I remember back in 2004 when I was launching my first online business, 10stepmarketing.

I’d been running my marketing consulting business for six years, and had made the decision to shift to an online training and coaching business. I did my homework to find out what I needed to do to set up a website, create information products, begin offering teleclasses, and get a merchant account so I could accept credit cards.

I jumped in with both feet, which is usually how I approach things.

That’s when I got the phone call.

It was my Internet Gateway Provider, asking me why I had set up two accounts. My response was one of surprise, because I hadn’t set up two accounts. Come to find out someone had stolen my identity, set up a second account in my name, opened up an American Express credit card account in my name, and had basically been making money by processing fraudulent charges through the accounts.

All of this happened just as I was preparing to launch my first online business.

I had two choices.

I could take it as a sign that I wasn’t supposed to be going into business online, and crawl unhappily back to my marketing consulting business. Or, I could accept that these things happen, work to rectify the situation, and proceed with my plans to launch my online business.

I chose the latter.

Mostly because I knew in my heart I was meant to serve more people than I’d ever be able to with local consulting business. Still, it wasn’t an easy decision. There were a lot of extra hoops I had to jump through over the next three months; a time when there already weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But I knew I would get through it and eventually would be able to put it behind me.

Based on everything that’s happened since I made that choice, I know it was the right one. I cannot imagine my life had I not made the decision to open up that first online business. It totally changed the trajectory of my career, and my life.

Lately, I’ve been thrown quite a few curve balls.

Every time I begin to question if these obstacles are signs I should turn back, I remind myself of 10stepmarketing. And, I do a gut check to see if my current path still feels right. And you know what, it does.

So I’m not giving up.

I’m not going to let these obstacles stop me in my tracks. I’m not going to let them veer me off my path. I’m going to do whatever I need to, to go over or around them, and keep pushing on.

As long as it feels right in my heart, that is the only choice.

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