Quality vs. Quantity

Good Better Best Sign PostWe’ve all heard the adage of  focusing on Quality vs. Quantity so frequently that like other overused phrases it can cease to lose its meaning.

But it’s a critical concept if you want to succeed and be happy in business.

Too many people are focused on quantity and that’s NOT the way to design a happy, healthy, wealthy business.

We’ll at least wealthy in the way I define it, which is about more than just money.

It’s about being rich in every aspect of your life.

Here are a few examples that show how easy it is to get this one turned around…

  • Are you focused on building a big list of Friends (quantity) or building relationships (quality) on Facebook and other social media?
  • Are you focused on how much money you can make (quantity) or designing a business that provides a lifestyle that makes you happy (quality)?
  • Are you focused on the number of clients you have (quantity) or the impact you’re making with each one (quality)?
  • Are you choosing to work with mentors or coaches who flaunt their success and money (quantity) or those who exhibit the lifestyle and qualities you admire and want for yourself (quality)?
  • Are you trying to keep up with all the latest marketing techniques (quantity) or committed to marketing in a few ways that consistently fill your business with clients (quality)?
  • Are you focused on selling as much as you can (quantity) or serving people in the best way possible (quality)?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the Quantity game. It’s modeled all over the place. It’s the basis for “keeping up with the Jones.” It’s how so many mentors and coaches market (i.e. Look how successful I am and I can make you successful, too).

I’m embarrassed to say I fell into this trap a few years ago.

But when I realized I was going down this path, and it didn’t feel good, I did an about face. And now my goal is to focus on service and teaching, and yes, maybe inspiring, but certainly not by flaunting all that I’ve done and telling you I can help you do the same (you’re not me, so your journey will never look like mine).

Instead my mission is to help others find their path.

Seeking Quantity is a sure-fire path to frustration and/or burnout, because someone will ALWAYS have more.

You spend all your time trying to keep up and measure up. You’re never good enough where you are. And here’s the real kicker: in case you haven’t figured it out yet, MORE does not always mean better. You also never really know what’s going on behind the scenes. What looks like more on the outside, may not really be the case.

I encourage you to take a look around your business and your marketing and ask yourself if you’re focusing on Quality or Quantity. And if you need to make some adjustments to get your focus back in line with what’s really important, make them. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please post a comment and share.

About Debbie

After spending 32 years in marketing, Debbie now spends her time blogging, teaching online courses, doing volunteer pet therapy, and encouraging others to follow a more inspired path through life.

11 comments on “Quality vs. Quantity

  1. Hi Debbie, It’s so ironic this post came out today. Just last night I was monitoring my list growth which as of late, has been shrinking, rather than growing. It made me kind of upset.

    Then I thought, well, I have to think of this as a “weeding” so to speak. Not that I dont want all these people to enjoy being on my list, but perhaps I’m narrowing in more on true potential clients and truly attracting those that are interested in what I do.

    At least that’s what I hope!
    Thanks for the reminder,

  2. Excellent post, Debbie! One of the best I’ve seen!

    I remember a mentor once saying to me, “I don’t know how to coach you. You’re not about the money.”

    She was right – I wasn’t “about the money.” I was “about the mission.” And I wanted to find a way to monetize my mission in a healthy, authentic way – while serving clients in a powerful and deep way.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom – and for not only “saying” them, but living them.

    ~ Tina

  3. Debbie:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! As I’m heading into my 2nd year post-divorce, I have found myself stopping and taking a really good look at where I’ve been and where I’m now headed. My top priorities are my children and my family. Being a single mom has forced me to stop focusing on quantity and focus on quality. I no longer have the time (or energy, to be quite frank) to spend hours chasing the quantity mentality that I thought was the only way to succeed. In changing my focus to quality clients I have found my bottom line has actually increased while giving me the time I need for my family. Bravo to you for bringing this back to our attention.

  4. Debbie, Thank you for your crisp discernment between quality and quantity. In the last year, I allowed myself to be seduced by “quantity”energy in choosing a coach with a quantity philosophy. It took me time to figure out what wasn’t working. I am happy to say I am back on my “quality” path. Thank you for speaking into this with clarity and grace.

  5. Thank you all for sharing. I’m so glad that what I’ve been feeling and wanting to share has struck a chord. It’s so easy to get swept up in the quantity mentality. However, I know for myself at least, I’m much happier and “wealthier” when I’m grounded and focused on quality.

    I say “let’s start a revolution” back to what matters. Together our voices can make a difference…we can change lives.

    Thanks for being a part of my circle and helping me with my own personal little “revolution!”

  6. Great article, Debbie! It’s interesting having started a coaching business last year, when I think growth, I think “how can I get more clients (quantity.) Or, how can I reach more people (reach and frequency- again, quantity.) Or, am I charging enough so I can live off this work I love (quantity.) In the process, I sometimes forget the quality/VALUE piece that will answer all of my questions best. Asking the question, “did I add value to a client today?” is one way of getting back to quality vs. quantity. Thank you!

  7. Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive – and I don’t think that you think they are – it is a balance.

    I do think quality should be a larger portion of focus, but not to the complete exclusion of quantity. Reality is, if we have no quantity, there is no place to have quality.

    I do find myself faced with this each time I bring on a new client as my time is limited. I have to ask myself – will I enjoy working with this client or am I taking them on just to build the business?

    It can sometimes be hard to answer if it is “no, I don’t wish to work with this client at this moment”.

    Thank you for reminding me that it is good to focus on quality.

  8. Sharon, you are right, they are not mutually exclusive. However, it is a matter of focus. We behave differently depending on which is our priority.

  9. Hey great article Debbie. I love it when I come across like-minded people who still believe in traditional relationship building and lifestyle values. Quantity mindsets often come from a place of low self-worth and confusion. Quality on the other hand displays security and certainty. Keep up the great work you are doing around the world. Changing lives for the better….one at a time. Cheers Grant

  10. Thanks Grant. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your comments. And very good point about Quantity mindsets coming from low self worth and confusion. I hadn’t thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense. By the way, I LOVE your brand The People Builder. 🙂

  11. Debbie, I used to ask people how many newsletter subscribers a loaf of bread cost.

    This is an issue that bears repeating often.

    I know people who are running ads to get new likes for their fan pages, but have no products or services to offer. They assume once they get a lot of fans, they’ll figure out how to make money.

    Backwards thinking.


    PS I read your post on facebook. The thing that irritates me are the people who subscribe to my newsletter list, and then reciprocate by sending me their newsletter. There was a fakir who taught this years ago.

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