ReGeneration [Video]

As I watched this documentary, I couldn’t help but feel sad for our world and the “Me Generation” (which by the way, includes everyone in the Baby Boomer generation and younger).

Our focus on ourselves, on consumerism… and how media and the Internet are shaping our lives, how we see the world, and how we deal with it (or more accurately DON’T deal with it) is disconcerting.

It’s time for a change.

But we are the ones who are going to have to create that change.

If we keep focusing on ourselves, and building businesses with the primary goals being to make our lives better and make us financially free (what nearly every self-help and personal/business development guru is selling), that change is not going to happen.

It can’t keep being all about ME.

It’s time to look outside ourselves. At the world at large. And focus on fixing the mess we’ve created.

It’s time to focus our businesses more on serving others than serving us. Ironically, when you serve others it does serve you, it’s just a matter of priority.  But these days most folks go into business selfishly (I admit, I did too). And most success gurus play right into our selfish hands by promising to help us make more money, get more clients, live richer lives, and become financially free. While we may say we want to serve others, in reality the business is all about serving us.

That’s what we want. That’s what we buy. So that’s what marketers sell us.

You can’t really blame them.

WE are the ones that need to change.

It’s time to get out of our ME bubbles.

Maybe this movie will inspire you to do exactly that.

And if not this movie, then perhaps my book: Breaking the Spell: The Truth about Money, Success and the Pursuit of Happiness. Both messages are quite congruent, focusing on how we’ve been conditioned from childhood to feel self-important and constantly seek more, and how this is affecting us individually and in the world at large.

Watch the ReGeneration trailer below.

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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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