Relaxing into Life

I was on the phone with three former mastermind buddies yesterday and as we were sharing updates about our lives and businesses, I wrote down the following phrase:

“Relaxing into Life”

It seemed that’s what we are all currently doing.

We met in 2009 and were all focused on building our businesses, getting clients, creating products and services, and making money. We met biweekly for two years by phone to help each other stay on track and share ideas toward those goals.

All three of us built our businesses and we also built lasting friendships with each other.

By 2011 my focus was shifting more toward following inspiration and the business masterminding no longer felt like a good fit. We agreed to go our separate ways but to reconnect every few months for a “reunion.”

Yesterday’s call was one such reunion.

I was intrigued by how we’ve all individually stepped into a place of more balance and allowing.

We still run our businesses but we are also focusing more on fun and other things. It’s a healthier balance. And we all seemed quite happy with where we are in our lives and businesses as a result.

I encourage you to relax into life.

Be open to what it brings and the pace at which it brings it. I have found magic in that path, in both my personal life and my business. It led to me writing my book, Breaking the Spell which I hope will touch many, many lives.

It also led to some changes in my business that I will be revealing very soon. Changes that have been totally inspired (vs. planned) and that I feel very good about. And I know the path will continue to unfold as I allow it to, and that’s exciting.


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