Shifting at Midlife [Video]

My daughter and I talk a lot about living your dream.

It’s what I’m always telling her to do. Life is too precious to do anything else. Yet it’s far too easy to get stuck on the path you think you need to follow. The path that society tells us is the right, and safe, path. The comfortable job. The safe predictable business. I just can’t do that. I’ve always been called by something higher, that’s caused me to shift course periodically in my business.

I’m in the midst of shifting again.

When what has called your heart is no longer calling it, it’s time to change paths. I choose to be pulled forward by passion rather than simply continuing to do what I’ve always done because I’m good at it or because others want me to do it.

I know when I’m being called to a higher, greater purpose. When it’s time to step up and step into something bigger and scarier, and that just might fail. Heck, even something I’m not sure I want to do. But I know I must.

That’s where I am now, and this video explains why I live my life and run my business this way, much better than I can. Funny thing, my daughter is the one who shared this video with me. I guess she’s been listening after all!

The Business Stylist® is not going away. My online courses and academy will remain open for those seeking marketing, branding, and business help.

I am however, beginning a new chapter.

It’s unfolding with amazing synchronicity as these things always do. I will keep you posted as things come together. In the meantime, you may experience an interruption in my websites as changes are being made. You may notice I’ve gone quiet for a while on social media or on my blog. I’m still here, I’m just busy working on this new calling. The image of me holding the bubble is from a recent photo shoot for this new calling. How’s that for a teaser! 🙂

This video explains why I’m shifting again. I hope when you watch it you will choose to live your life this way, too.

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