Skillfeed Shutting Down: What It Means For Online Course Creators [Video]

I just got this news today and it underscores what I already teach about creating, marketing, and selling online courses: Never put all your online course eggs in one basket. Especially if you don’t control that basket.

I’ve been teaching virtually since 2002.

I started with teleclasses and, in 2011, I began teaching online video courses. The industry has evolved and changed a lot over the years. Players come and go. Technologies come and go.

But your virtual teaching business can stand the test of time if you’re smart about how you build it.

As I share in this video, you never want to put all your online course eggs in one basket if you’re serious about teaching online and building a business. In fact, it’s not really a business if all you’re doing is placing your content on someone else’s platform.

While using existing marketplaces is a great, no-risk, low-cost way to get started, if you’re serious you absolutely must have your courses on your own site. You must build your own business. You must have access to your students and their contact information, including their email address. That’s the only way you’re building an asset that can grow and change with you and the technology and the industry over time.

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