Smoothing the Bumps on the Path of Inspiration

I’d love to report that traveling the path of inspiration is all smooth sailing.

But alas, it is not. Like any path it has bumps and twists and turns and potholes. The biggest pothole I seem to keep encountering is representative of the stark transition from the way I used to live my life, to the way I’m trying to live it now.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’ve always been a goal-oriented, highly driven person.

Always mapping out my plans to reach the next goal, and the next, and so on. I’m thankful for aspects of this because it’s what has made me successful and helped me accomplish all that I have.

The problem is it can be an exhausting way to live.

And, for me, it led to burnout, and constant frustration, because where I was, was never good enough. Not the way I want to live my life anymore!

As I let go of my old ways and learn to follow my heart and inspiration, I certainly am not sitting still.

I still have a vision—and quite honestly, it may be my biggest vision yet! But my approach has changed. My attitude has been adjusted. I am indeed doing what I feel inspired to do each day, rather than following a rigid plan and checking things off my to-do list.

Back to the Bumps

I won’t kid you, as much as I am enjoying this new path, it’s not always easy. I bump into my old ways frequently. Those old ways are the potholes and the bumps I’m learning to deal with. Sometimes I see them coming and I’m able to navigate around them easily. And other times I fall smack dab into the middle of them.


One of my favorite aspects of following inspiration is synchronicity. Case in point. I have spent much of the last two weeks interviewing people from around the world for my book, “Breaking The Spell.” Last week I interviewed a lovely woman from Australia. Her name was Margaret. She shared many great stories about her perspective on money, success, and happiness, which will make a great addition to my book. After the interview, when I asked Margaret what her occupation is, she told me she is a Harmonizing Energy Coach. I had no idea what that was, so she offered me a free session to learn more.

Well, it turns out she helps people remove energy that is holding them back or blocking them… can you say potholes!?

In our brief session together via Skype, she was able to help me release the resistance I have been bumping into as I transition from being driven, to following inspiration.

After the session I felt lighter, more peaceful, and full of positive energy to continue down my inspired path, whatever it may bring. Not because I had decided I needed help working through this, and set out to find someone to help me. Rather, because I was inspired to reach out and interview people for my book. (Yes, there are times we know we need something and we should go out and find it, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I didn’t even know I needed anything!)

You never know where the inspired path will lead you, who it will put you in touch with, or what might result.

That’s one of the things I’m learning to really appreciate and love about this new path. I could not have dreamed up an Australian Harmonizing Energy Coach to help smooth my transition to this new path—I’d never even heard of one. Yet there she was, exactly when I needed her!

Just one of the rewards of following inspiration and being open to receive.


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