Sometimes We Just Run out of Gas

I was on a run with my husband Louie tonight and we tried out a new path. It was a beautiful new trail along the San Diego River. Unfortunately, it was a dead-end (I’m hoping they’re going to finish it at some point) so we had to turn around, go back, and hop a fence to connect to our regular loop (yes, it was a bit of an adventure!)

This added quite a stretch to our normal 60-minute run.

As a result, about 3/4 of the way into our normal loop I found myself running out of gas.

I supposed I could have forced myself to keep going, but instead I owned up to the fact that I was spent and told Louie I was cutting the run short. He went on to finish the run, and I turned the corner to head home.

As I was heading back home by myself, it dawned on me this often happens in life and business.

Sometimes we’re working so hard, or we’re so busy tending to all the details and responsibilities of our lives, that we run out of gas. And so often, we keep pushing through it, thinking we can’t stop. We can’t take a time out, or a weekend off, or just spend the day lounging on the couch watching reality TV or reading a book.

But the truth is that’s EXACTLY what we need to do – take a break!

It’s not always about competition, keeping up with others, or finishing first…in fact it’s never about that. It’s about listening to your heart, doing what serves YOU and not worrying about what it looks like to others, and maybe even more importantly, not judging yourself for not being able to keep up.

Life is about enjoying the journey. And that means honoring yourself when you run out of gas, and doing whatever you need to do, to recharge.


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