Starbucks having fun with their brand

I was at Starbucks getting my favorite Apple Chai Infusion Tea (not on the menu for several years but they still make it for me – hmmm, a great customer service lesson here, but that’s for another post) and I saw something that made me smile.

It was a great example of Starbucks having fun with their brand.

It was simple, didn’t cost a dime, and was something any business could do, with a little creativity. And, I’m sure I’m not the only customer who smiled as they were waiting for their order.

What did they do?

There was a little tip cup on the drive-through window ledge, with the following saying handwritten on it…

Thanks a latte. Have a grande!

Yep, having some fun with their product names while sharing a nice little customer service message. A little no-cost “relationship marketing” at work at the drive-through window.

And, they used one of the techniques I use to help my clients develop creative and memorable brand names: having fun with dual-meaning words. Another personal favorite is a chiropractic office I saw in Scottsdale, Arizona called “The Joint.”

This little saying uses one of their product names (latte – and a generic one at that, but it doesn’t matter because they’ve matched it up with one of their branded names) and one of the branded “sizing” names: grande.  If you’re not a Starbucks customer, they’ve branded their cup sizes as Tall, Grande, and Vente instead of Small, Medium, and Large.

A simple little thing, really, but it brought a smile to my face and here I am sharing it with the world on my blog.

And all it took was a clever Starbucks employee, a magic marker, and a plastic cup.

How could you apply this idea to your business…have a little fun with your brand…and bring a smile to your clients’ faces?

I know MY wheels are turning!

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