The Importance of Letting Go in Business

I know I talk a lot about letting go of attachment, and learning to go with the flow, in your life. But over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reminded how important it is to also be able to let go in your business. How crucial it is, for your own sanity, to not become attached to inspired ideas, or really any aspect of your business. The text message… Read More »The Importance of Letting Go in Business

Darn it, I’m Still Keeping Score!

  • Debbie 

I’ve been very inspired lately. Blogging daily and implementing inspired ideas on a regular basis. It feels good to be motivated again. Because quite honestly, up until a few months ago, that wasn’t the case. I was lost. Trying to figure out what was next. But as soon as l let go of my marketing business, clarity came rushing in. My new blog, Following Inspiration, was born. Or rather re-born,… Read More »Darn it, I’m Still Keeping Score!

Relaxing into Life

I was on the phone with three former mastermind buddies yesterday and as we were sharing updates about our lives and businesses, I wrote down the following phrase: “Relaxing into Life” It seemed that’s what we are all currently doing. We met in 2009 and were all focused on building our businesses, getting clients, creating products and services, and making money. We met biweekly for two years by phone to… Read More »Relaxing into Life