Why is change so hard?

Change is hard because it very often requires us to let go of who we are, in order to become who we want to be. Our fear of the unknown, and our affinity for what’s comfortable and predictable, makes change feel scary. However, when you start living inspired, and you set an intention for the life you truly want to live, you must be ready to embrace change. After all,… Read More »Why is change so hard?


The closer we get to our inspired cross-country move, the more opportunities arise to be convinced we’re making a huge mistake. Yet despite it all, I’m happy to say I’m not falling victim to any of them. There was a time I would have allowed this to create doubt. But not now. Despite any reaction I receive from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers, to our news of moving from… Read More »Unshakable

Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

  • Debbie 

 Doubt and Fear vs. Courage. The bigger the inspired idea, the greater the chance for doubt and fear to creep in. Following little inspired ideas doesn’t require a lot of courage. If there’s not much at risk, it’s pretty easy to follow along and see where things lead. However, when one of those great big, potentially life-changing inspired ideas drops in your lap, it’s another story. Life-Changing Inspired Ideas Require… Read More »Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

Inspired Business: Head vs. Heart [Video]

Creating and operating an Inspired Business is not second nature. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do business any other way. It’s one of those things that once you experience it, you can’t go back. That said, if you’re used to planning everything out, you will bump up against your head from time to time once you go inspired. That’s because your head is used to running the show. It… Read More »Inspired Business: Head vs. Heart [Video]

Inspired Marketing: Resonance vs. Manipulation [Video]

I’ve been a marketer for more than 30 years. I studied marketing in college (I have a minor in marketing), worked in advertising agencies for over 10 years, and was a vice president of marketing before I started my own marketing consulting business in 1998. And while I learned marketing theory in school, and learned how to implement those theories working in the ad agency business, it wasn’t until I… Read More »Inspired Marketing: Resonance vs. Manipulation [Video]

Shoshin, Inspiration, and Puppies

Shoshin is a Zen Buddhist principle. It’s about having a beginner’s mind. When you practice Shoshin, you have an attitude of openness and curiosity. And maybe most important, a lack of preconceptions. I’d never heard of Shoshin until this morning. I was doing my daily guided meditation, using the Calm app, which I highly recommend. Especially if you’ve tried to meditate on your own and struggled to stick with it.… Read More »Shoshin, Inspiration, and Puppies

What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage

This week my husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. I asked him if things had turned out the way he expected. Has marriage been what he thought it would be? He shared that it was actually better. You see, he had a pretty bleak attitude about the future when he was younger. In fact, he will tell you he didn’t expect to live this long. That’s a whole… Read More »What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage