Expectations: The Enemy of Following Inspiration

How do you know if you’re really following inspiration? What if you’re following what feels like an inspired idea, and things just aren’t working out? What if things aren’t flowing? What if the path feels hard and frustrating? What if it feels like the Universe may be trying to tell you to take a different path? Perhaps you’ve heard the tale of the feather, the brick, and the Mack truck.… Read More »Expectations: The Enemy of Following Inspiration

Going with the Flow Cures Writer’s Block

After wrapping up my big work project last week, I finally freed up time to begin working on my book and book proposal. Unfortunately, when I sat down to start writing, I couldn’t. I found myself blocked. And this book definitely needs to be written from a place of flow, after all it’s about following inspiration! I recognize that throwing myself 110% into finishing the work project (not flow by… Read More »Going with the Flow Cures Writer’s Block