Happiness is a Choice

“Happiness is a choice. Choose happiness.” Those were the words my yoga teacher, and good friend, ended class with the other evening. They’re simple words, and they’re so true. Yet, far too often, we forget it is actually a choice. We allow ourselves to get mired down in negativity. We let things upset us that really aren’t worth the energy. And then we spread that negativity in an effort to… Read More »Happiness is a Choice

Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

This morning I was contemplating the teachers that have inspired me over the years. As I thought back, I was somewhat surprised to realize the ones that came to mind had all inspired my creative spirit. I’ve always seen myself as an intellectual. I’m analytical not creative. Yes, I enjoy creating, but I never saw it as my driving force. That all changed this morning. Perhaps these teachers saw something… Read More »Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

What Does a Successful Inspired Business Look Like? [Video]

How you measure success matters. I used to measure my business success the way most people do, based on how much money I was making, how many clients I had, how much those clients were paying me, how big my email list was… you get the idea. Metrics. And the goal was always more, more, and more. Problem was, I was working way too hard. I had no time for… Read More »What Does a Successful Inspired Business Look Like? [Video]