The Boiling Point: Transforming Tragedy through Inspiration

I wanted to share this video excerpt from my online course, The Transformative Power of Inspiration, because it seems especially timely given all that’s going on in our world. It’s my wish that this message will give you hope during these challenging times. And, that it may help you open up to your heart and the voice of inspiration. It’s my heartfelt belief that inspiration–that little true voice from within–is… Read More »The Boiling Point: Transforming Tragedy through Inspiration

transforming personal challenges through inspiration

It’s Tough to Let Go & Trust Right Now

I’ll be the first to admit it’s tough to Let Go & Trust right now.  There is so much out of our control. It’s a scary time. My friend Tetyana Azarova and I just completed an online course based on her PhD dissertation that explored the role of Inspiration during times of personal challenge or crisis.  In the hope this course might be helpful during this challenging time, I’m offering it… Read More »It’s Tough to Let Go & Trust Right Now


The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

On February 17th, my friend Kevin Monroe–host of the Higher Purpose Podcast and creator of The Gratitude Challenge–kicked off The Get Inspired Challenge. In this short video we share why we wanted to gift you this experience. That’s right, it won’t cost you anything to join us. Why Join the Challenge? We’ve all experienced inspiration. That amazing idea that shows up out of nowhere. That sudden burst of energy, excitement,… Read More »The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

Universal Validation

Following inspiration is all about trust. We pay attention to inspired ideas, take action on those ideas, and trust things will work out for the best. And they usually do. Still, living and working inspired can feel risky at times, because very often we don’t know where the inspired path is leading us. We trust if we take one inspired step at a time, we’ll be led on a journey… Read More »Universal Validation

The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

What do dreams and inspiration have to do with planning? At first I thought they were distinct schools of thought. After all, planning is a left-brained activity. It’s analytical. You’re using your mind to develop goals, and then strategies and tactics to achieve those goals. My difficulty in identifying the connection between these three things made it difficult for me to accept my new business path because I felt it… Read More »The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

Drawn to Water

Lately I seem to be drawn to water. Not sure why, but I’ve been honoring it. Instead of running through the park or my normal “street” route, in the past week I’ve headed to the beach and the lake. I’ve been a bit stuck in my head as I’ve been writing my book and I’ve found my water runs are helping me tap back into my heart, and inspiration. They… Read More »Drawn to Water

To Publish or Not To Publish

I’ve often found that when I have inspired ideas, my head argues with my heart. Of course the inspired path means following your heart, and ignoring your head. Very often inspired ideas don’t make any sense. If they made sense, our head would have thought of them! However, the head is usually driven by ego, by “what will people think?”, “what if I make a mistake?” and other fears. And,… Read More »To Publish or Not To Publish