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modeling success vs following your own path

Modeling Success vs. Following Your Own Path

There’s a fine line between modeling and inspiring. And the distinction is an important one. I spent many years as a business coach/consultant. One very common piece of advice espoused by many was that to become successful you have to model a successful person. I learned the hard way that modeling success most certainly does not guarantee success. I don’t advocate modeling. I’ve shared my doubts about modeling success in… Read More »Modeling Success vs. Following Your Own Path

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The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

I love tangible examples of living and working inspired. It solidifies that following inspiration is more than just a nice idea, it’s a productive and viable way to live and work. It leads to collaborations and programs that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And, it makes marketing easy, exciting, and more fruitful. Toward that end I wanted to share a story about something that began unfolding last October, and as… Read More »The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

Universal Validation

Following inspiration is all about trust. We pay attention to inspired ideas, take action on those ideas, and trust things will work out for the best. And they usually do. Still, living and working inspired can feel risky at times, because very often we don’t know where the inspired path is leading us. We trust if we take one inspired step at a time, we’ll be led on a journey… Read More »Universal Validation

Mastery and Working Inspired

I was talking with a friend the other day about following inspiration in business, and she shared something I hadn’t considered before. She insisted that in order to follow inspiration in business, you must first achieve mastery. As we walked and talked, I contemplated this idea. Can anyone follow inspired ideas in business, or is it a concept that’s reserved for the experienced? Do you really need to have mastered… Read More »Mastery and Working Inspired

Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

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 Doubt and Fear vs. Courage. The bigger the inspired idea, the greater the chance for doubt and fear to creep in. Following little inspired ideas doesn’t require a lot of courage. If there’s not much at risk, it’s pretty easy to follow along and see where things lead. However, when one of those great big, potentially life-changing inspired ideas drops in your lap, it’s another story. Life-Changing Inspired Ideas Require… Read More »Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

Following Inspired Marketing Ideas [Video]

Maybe you’ve followed inspired ideas in your life. Maybe you’ve even followed inspired ideas in your career or business. But did you know you can also follow inspired ideas in your marketing? That’s what I’m teaching in my newest online course: Tapping into the Power of Inspired Marketing: 6 Steps to Transform How You View Marketing and How You Do Marketing Here’s a sneak peek!

Living Inspired Can Change Your Life

Five years ago today, Hope entered my life. I’ll be honest, five years ago life felt really hard. I was burned out in my business and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My son was struggling with some pretty heavy issues. And I had just lost Maverick, my dog of nearly 13 years. If ever there was a time I needed Hope, it was then. So when my husband… Read More »Living Inspired Can Change Your Life

Following Inspiration Instead of an Itinerary

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Western North Carolina. It was our second trip there and part of my scariest, most exciting inspired idea yet. The trip was full of surrender, serendipity, synchronicity, and magic. I believe it’s because we allowed each day to simply unfold. We made a conscious effort to follow inspiration instead of an itinerary. While we had a number of things we wanted to accomplish… Read More »Following Inspiration Instead of an Itinerary

The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

What do dreams and inspiration have to do with planning? At first I thought they were distinct schools of thought. After all, planning is a left-brained activity. It’s analytical. You’re using your mind to develop goals, and then strategies and tactics to achieve those goals. My difficulty in identifying the connection between these three things made it difficult for me to accept my new business path because I felt it… Read More »The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

Inspired Ideas Speaking to the Soul?

The Many Faces of Inspiration. I’m learning as I interview more people that we all find inspiration in different ways. I typically find it while running, or being out in nature, after I meditate, and while I’m journaling. The times when I step out of my head and open my heart. It’s as if space opens up and the inspired ideas can finally flow in. The other day I spoke to… Read More »Inspired Ideas Speaking to the Soul?