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Finding Inspiration When You’re Uninspired

One of my tribe members recently sent me the following questions. I, too, have struggled with feeling uninspired in the past, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones. So I wanted to answer her questions publicly. This is a longer post, because as I started writing I realized I had a lot to say on this topic. I hope you’ll bear with me. I believe it’s worth reading. What… Read More »Finding Inspiration When You’re Uninspired

Trust Your Gut

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Holistic Health and Life Coach, Holly Wade. Please describe the inspired ideas that led you to start your business or begin your inspired journey. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease nearly 20 years ago. As a single woman, I dreamed of traveling the world, doing live events, training, and coaching, but didn’t know how I would do that with limited energy at times, limited income and… Read More »Trust Your Gut

Darn it, I’m Still Keeping Score!

  • Debbie 

I’ve been very inspired lately. Blogging daily and implementing inspired ideas on a regular basis. It feels good to be motivated again. Because quite honestly, up until a few months ago, that wasn’t the case. I was lost. Trying to figure out what was next. But as soon as l let go of my marketing business, clarity came rushing in. My new blog, Following Inspiration, was born. Or rather re-born,… Read More »Darn it, I’m Still Keeping Score!

Where Do Inspired Messages Come From?

  • Debbie 

If you’re new to following an inspired path you may be wondering… “How do I get inspired messages?” “Where do they come from?” “Will I know when I receive a message?” My response is they can come from anywhere. So just be aware. And trust you’ll know them when they show up. I always get inspired messages from songs I hear while running. I think it must be the combination… Read More »Where Do Inspired Messages Come From?

Drawn to Water

Lately I seem to be drawn to water. Not sure why, but I’ve been honoring it. Instead of running through the park or my normal “street” route, in the past week I’ve headed to the beach and the lake. I’ve been a bit stuck in my head as I’ve been writing my book and I’ve found my water runs are helping me tap back into my heart, and inspiration. They… Read More »Drawn to Water