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Navigating Challenging Times

The most challenging time to let go and trust is when you feel you have no control over what’s happening. And that most certainly describes the times we find ourselves in. Not only have we lost a sense of control, we’ve given up many of the freedoms we take for granted. Going to work, out to dinner, shopping, to the gym, even hiking. Getting a haircut, spending time with friends… Read More »Navigating Challenging Times

Thank You Inner Voice and Starbucks

I woke up in a funk today. I felt out of sorts, distracted, bothered. I think I know why. I attended my first conference in over a year this past weekend. The last conference I attended I left a day early—couldn’t handle the selling and hard-sell promotion. It had been billed as a total content event; it was not. That was the first time in 7 years I had left… Read More »Thank You Inner Voice and Starbucks