What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage

This week my husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. I asked him if things had turned out the way he expected. Has marriage been what he thought it would be? He shared that it was actually better. You see, he had a pretty bleak attitude about the future when he was younger. In fact, he will tell you he didn’t expect to live this long. That’s a whole… Read More »What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage

Children Have Mindfulness Mastered

  • Debbie 

Yesterday was an inspiring day. My golden retriever Faith and I went on a pet therapy visit to Camp Reach For The Sky; a day camp for kids battling cancer. ¬†We spent several hours hanging out with the campers, who were children between the ages of four and eight. Even though they were undergoing treatment for cancer, they had smiles on their faces. They were excited to see the dogs.… Read More »Children Have Mindfulness Mastered