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Inspired Marketing Case Study

For the past few years I’ve been talking and writing about leaning into following inspiration. Learning to follow inspired ideas, instead of chasing success. Trusting your gut and the ideas that come to you, instead of doing what you think you have to do in order to be successful. But I realize talking and writing about inspired marketing and inspired business may not fully explain how to actually do it.… Read More »Inspired Marketing Case Study


  • Debbie 

To change a financially rewarding but stressful career or lifestyle for a less pressured and less highly paid but more fulfilling one. I began downshifting nearly four years ago. Well, really, I began preparing to downshift. Four years ago I made the decision I wanted to teach, instead of coach or consult. I wasn’t sure how it would happen or what it would look like, but I was clear it… Read More »Downshifting