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Do More of What Makes You Happy

Why I believe now more than ever you need to make time to do more of what makes you happy. I’ll be the first to admit this pandemic is wearing on me. As is the polarizing political climate. I find myself overcome with a heaviness that makes it difficult to see the inspiration in life. So much negativity in the news. So much divisiveness and destruction of our democracy. As… Read More »Do More of What Makes You Happy

light amidst the darkness during covid-19

The Covid-19 Pause

“The pause is as important as the note” –Truman Fisher, American composer. How often do we really allow ourselves to enjoy a pause? To take a time out. To slow down. To just breathe. In the busyness of life, work, and family responsibilities, we occupy ourselves and our minds every waking hour of every day. And, sometimes the hours we should be sleeping, too! Even vacations can be go go… Read More »The Covid-19 Pause


The Boiling Point: Transforming Tragedy through Inspiration

I wanted to share this video excerpt from my online course, The Transformative Power of Inspiration, because it seems especially timely given all that’s going on in our world. It’s my wish that this message will give you hope during these challenging times. And, that it may help you open up to your heart and the voice of inspiration. It’s my heartfelt belief that inspiration–that little true voice from within–is… Read More »The Boiling Point: Transforming Tragedy through Inspiration