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Navigating Challenging Times

The most challenging time to let go and trust is when you feel you have no control over what’s happening. And that most certainly describes the times we find ourselves in. Not only have we lost a sense of control, we’ve given up many of the freedoms we take for granted. Going to work, out to dinner, shopping, to the gym, even hiking. Getting a haircut, spending time with friends… Read More »Navigating Challenging Times

Does Living Inspired Mean You Have Life All Figured Out? [Video]

  • Debbie 

While I’d love to tell you living inspired removes all doubt from your mind and enables you to live in peaceful bliss, I can’t. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Living inspired means you’re following inspired ideas. These ideas pop up like stepping stones, creating a path to follow toward your goals or intentions. Like little signposts they guide your way. And while you may have a clear vision… Read More »Does Living Inspired Mean You Have Life All Figured Out? [Video]

Shades of Gray

I’ve always been a very black and white person. For me, things are right or wrong. You go all out or you do nothing at all. There’s an edge to living this way that enables you to accomplish a lot, but can be viewed by others as harsh or uncaring. And, it’s how I’ve lived most of my life… until now. As I’ve been writing about on this blog, my… Read More »Shades of Gray