Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

  • Debbie 

┬áDoubt and Fear vs. Courage. The bigger the inspired idea, the greater the chance for doubt and fear to creep in. Following little inspired ideas doesn’t require a lot of courage. If there’s not much at risk, it’s pretty easy to follow along and see where things lead. However, when one of those great big, potentially life-changing inspired ideas drops in your lap, it’s another story. Life-Changing Inspired Ideas Require… Read More »Second Guessing Inspired Ideas [Video]

What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage

This week my husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. I asked him if things had turned out the way he expected. Has marriage been what he thought it would be? He shared that it was actually better. You see, he had a pretty bleak attitude about the future when he was younger. In fact, he will tell you he didn’t expect to live this long. That’s a whole… Read More »What I’ve Learned After 36 Years of Marriage

My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet

It all started with a question. I’m not even sure where the question came from. It wasn’t something I had been thinking about, well at least not consciously. My husband has been pretty stressed at work for quite some time now. I know he’d love to retire early, at least from his job of nearly 40 years. So perhaps it was that knowledge that prompted me to ask him one… Read More »My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet