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The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

I love tangible examples of living and working inspired. It solidifies that following inspiration is more than just a nice idea, it’s a productive and viable way to live and work. It leads to collaborations and programs that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And, it makes marketing easy, exciting, and more fruitful. Toward that end I wanted to share a story about something that began unfolding last October, and as… Read More »The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

Inspired Business: Head vs. Heart [Video]

Creating and operating an Inspired Business is not second nature. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do business any other way. It’s one of those things that once you experience it, you can’t go back. That said, if you’re used to planning everything out, you will bump up against your head from time to time once you go inspired. That’s because your head is used to running the show. It… Read More »Inspired Business: Head vs. Heart [Video]

How to Create an Inspired Business [Video]

I’m in awe of what transpires when you Work Inspired. I shot my entire Inspired Business online course in just 3-1/2 hours, faster and with more flow than any of my other 10 courses. And, I finished all my video editing and post production in a week! I’m so proud of this course. There’s still a lot of prep work to do before launching but I’m super excited to share… Read More »How to Create an Inspired Business [Video]

Living Inspired Can Change Your Life

Five years ago today, Hope entered my life. I’ll be honest, five years ago life felt really hard. I was burned out in my business and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My son was struggling with some pretty heavy issues. And I had just lost Maverick, my dog of nearly 13 years. If ever there was a time I needed Hope, it was then. So when my husband… Read More »Living Inspired Can Change Your Life