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Inspired Marketing Case Study

For the past few years I’ve been talking and writing about leaning into following inspiration. Learning to follow inspired ideas, instead of chasing success. Trusting your gut and the ideas that come to you, instead of doing what you think you have to do in order to be successful. But I realize talking and writing about inspired marketing and inspired business may not fully explain how to actually do it.… Read More »Inspired Marketing Case Study


The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

On February 17th, my friend Kevin Monroe–host of the Higher Purpose Podcast and creator of The Gratitude Challenge–kicked off The Get Inspired Challenge. In this short video we share why we wanted to gift you this experience. That’s right, it won’t cost you anything to join us. Why Join the Challenge? We’ve all experienced inspiration. That amazing idea that shows up out of nowhere. That sudden burst of energy, excitement,… Read More »The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You

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The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

I love tangible examples of living and working inspired. It solidifies that following inspiration is more than just a nice idea, it’s a productive and viable way to live and work. It leads to collaborations and programs that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And, it makes marketing easy, exciting, and more fruitful. Toward that end I wanted to share a story about something that began unfolding last October, and as… Read More »The Magic of Working Inspired: A True Story

Mastery and Working Inspired

I was talking with a friend the other day about following inspiration in business, and she shared something I hadn’t considered before. She insisted that in order to follow inspiration in business, you must first achieve mastery. As we walked and talked, I contemplated this idea. Can anyone follow inspired ideas in business, or is it a concept that’s reserved for the experienced? Do you really need to have mastered… Read More »Mastery and Working Inspired

Are You Working Inspired? [Video]

One sure way to know whether you’re going through the motions in your business, or truly following an inspired path, is by evaluating the emotional connection. 1. Do you feel passion for what you’re doing? 2. Does it make you feel good when you’re doing it? 3. Does it make an impact with other people? Can you answer Yes to all three questions? You may not love the work you do 100%… Read More »Are You Working Inspired? [Video]

Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

This morning I was contemplating the teachers that have inspired me over the years. As I thought back, I was somewhat surprised to realize the ones that came to mind had all inspired my creative spirit. I’ve always seen myself as an intellectual. I’m analytical not creative. Yes, I enjoy creating, but I never saw it as my driving force. That all changed this morning. Perhaps these teachers saw something… Read More »Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

What is an Inspired Business? [Video]

I’ve been in business on my own for 20 years. In that time, I’ve created many businesses, eight to be exact, and I’m now building number nine. However, as they say, not all businesses are created equal. Three of my businesses were successful. They enabled me to do work I was passionate about, work that filled me with a strong sense of purpose, and they were profitable. In fact, all… Read More »What is an Inspired Business? [Video]