Teachers: Who Inspired You? [Video]

This morning I was contemplating the teachers that have inspired me over the years. As I thought back, I was somewhat surprised to realize the ones that came to mind had all inspired my creative spirit.

I’ve always seen myself as an intellectual.

I’m analytical not creative. Yes, I enjoy creating, but I never saw it as my driving force. That all changed this morning.

Perhaps these teachers saw something in me I hadn’t yet recognized.

Why, after all, are these the people who had the biggest impact on me? Why are they the ones I remember? Why are they the ones that imparted the biggest lessons and most important learnings… the ones that are still with me all these years later?

I’ve had many, many teachers over the years.

From literal teachers in school, to mentors in my career, and role models in my life.

And the list of those I remember, and that had an impact, can be counted on one hand. Add to that the fact they’re all creatives, and it really makes me stop and pause.

If they are the true inspirational beings in my life, then maybe they knew something all along that I’m just now figuring out.

I am a creative spirit in my core.

It’s no wonder that after spending years in business, and even doing quite well, I now realize what I truly enjoy about the work I’m now doing is the fact that it’s creative. Writing, creating online content, videos, blog posts and the like. Everything in my business and on my website didn’t exist before I created it. While I love the fact that it helps others and earns a living for me, what I love most is that I get to spend my time dreaming it up and turning it into reality.

Who holds the key to your happiness and success?

If my most inspiring teachers, going all the way back to age 13, nurtured something in me that over 50 years later I would finally realize is at the core of what is truly inspiring for me, what keys to your happiness, success, and living inspired might your memorable teachers hold?

Who inspired you?

I encourage you to contemplate the teachers who’ve inspired you over the years. Who do you remember, and what did they nurture in you? And how does that relate to what you’re doing now? Or, what could it lead you to that you’ve never considered? I’d love it if you’d post a comment and share.

Who inspired me.

In case you’re curious, here’s who inspired me…

  1. My grandmother, who hired me at age 13 to sew for her doll business, and taught me you can create a business doing what you love.
  2. My high school commercial art teacher, who instilled in me the idea that art and business can coexist.
  3. The college professor, who hired me as an intern on a magazine he published and let me create print ads.
  4. The New York advertising creative director who joined the San Diego ad agency where I worked, and taught me more about client service than any account manager I ever worked for.
  5. My mother, who gave up her teaching career to raise her children, and then became a world-renowned watercolor artist.

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