The Get Inspired Challenge: A Gift for You


On February 17th, my friend Kevin Monroe–host of the Higher Purpose Podcast and creator of The Gratitude Challenge–kicked off The Get Inspired Challenge. In this short video we share why we wanted to gift you this experience. That’s right, it won’t cost you anything to join us.

Why Join the Challenge?

We’ve all experienced inspiration. That amazing idea that shows up out of nowhere. That sudden burst of energy, excitement, and motivation that pulls you forward on an idea or project. That spark of creativity that turns into something amazing, be it an experience, a work of art, a business, or even just an extraordinary day.

What have you been able to accomplish when you’ve felt inspired?

Our guess is a lot. Maybe you even felt unstoppable. Like everything was lining up in your favor. Because when you feel inspired, it’s as if time stands still. You get more done, with more ease. Everything just flows.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live and work like that more often?

We believe you can, which is why we are inviting you to join us for The Get Inspired Challenge, a free two-week challenge with simple, daily prompts to help you find inspiration all around you.

And not only find inspiration, but learn how to start putting that inspiration to work, in both your life and business, so you can start accomplishing more, with more ease.

When you learn to start following the inspiration that shows up, you’re able to step into the flow of life. You become more productive, you experience more peace, and things just seem to happen.

This program is a perfect example of that.

Prior to last October, I didn’t even know Kevin Monroe. He was a student in several of my online courses, but we had never met. Then, Kevin read my book, The Following Inspiration Experiment.

As a result of that, he invited me to be on his Higher Purpose Podcast. That conversation led to the idea to create this challenge. And we’re both so grateful it did. Because literally all either of us did was follow what was showing up and it led to a wonderful friendship and a beautiful collaboration. And we’re both pretty certain it won’t end there.

So, instead of working so hard trying to make everything happen, why not try a different approach for two weeks and see what happens. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be hooked, and that you won’t want to live or work any other way!

You can get all the details and join us at It won’t cost you a dime. It’s our gift to you!

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