The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning

What do dreams and inspiration have to do with planning?

At first I thought they were distinct schools of thought. After all, planning is a left-brained activity. It’s analytical. You’re using your mind to develop goals, and then strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.

My difficulty in identifying the connection between these three things made it difficult for me to accept my new business path because I felt it somehow negated everything I’ve stood for and taught for the past 30 years. I was a marketer, a strategic planner. I helped people develop step-by-step plans to achieve the success they were seeking.

But deep in my heart I still believed in everything I’ve taught.

I also knew that while I have always planned just about everything, there was something else going on in my life that never quite fit with my plans.

Over the past 10 years I’ve realized that something is Living Inspired.

Paying attention to inspired ideas and following them. Ideas that have never been a part of my plans. Yet at the same time were powerful and almost magical in their ability to move me forward toward what I was trying to achieve. Or to achieve something even better than my mind could have dreamed up.

And then I saw this quote from Gloria Steinem…

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

And I realized, that’s it!

The connection I had been waiting for.

As I reflect back I can now see that dreams are the seed of every plan. And inspiration is the catalyst of every dream. And, when you stay open to inspired ideas when implementing plans, the Universe lends a helping hand to move those plans along.

It became clear that inspiration and dreams are simply what always prompted my plans and strategies and tactics. And when I was able to stay open, and allow my plans to evolve based on what was showing up, the process always flowed more easily and moved me forward more effectively and efficiently.

3 thoughts on “The Marriage of Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning”

  1. Debbie.
    Truly enjoyed your introductory sessions. Tied to order “How to Market Yourself As a Coach” for the special $9.99 (said 5 hours left) but when I tried to register code no longer valid. I’m wondering if you will you honor your promotion? Please do let me know.
    Loved your perspective on intentions vs. goals. Definitely agree – so much more elegant and saner.
    I’m quite passionate about helping others see beyond their conditioned limited selves and beliefs and discover/recognize their Bigger Selves. On the other hand, I’m not interested in helping others advance in and reinforce a paradyme of competition and greed. Your comments on intentions touch on that tip (inner vs. outer). It made your work even more interesting.
    I have delivered hundreds of custom corporate workshops worldwide (integrity, negotiation. leadership, emotional maturity, personality, motivation, etc.). However, virtually all my business has been on a repeat and referral basis and I never had to market myself.
    Now after over 10 years of semi-retirement, I have gained a much broader and deeper perspective than ever before and, as such, I have been highly encouraged by others to coach. However, given my virtually non-existent marketing skills combined with the fact that most of my corporate contacts are retired or past, I need to learn how to market myself as an awareness coach.
    I look forward to whatever you may advice. Very best regards. Ed Morler

  2. Again again another inspirational message communicated with presence and authenticity. I think what could even make it stronger is something about the importance of integrity (spontaneous responsibility)in all behavior.
    I do hope my previous reply (above) is not ignored as I have in there some comments and questions that I would appreciate being addressed.
    Thank you.

  3. Debbie is and excellent speaker, highly inspirational, primarily because she communicates a wonderful sense of authenticity, as I mentioned before. In both “Dreams, Inspiration, and Planning” or in Intention Vs. Goals, that delightful presence comes through. Her talk an Intention, I thought , was the most profound and thus the most inspiring/motivating.
    Please do address the questions and comments in my first reply (above).
    Thank you.

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