The Power of a Marketing Mix

Too often solo-professionals rely on one method of marketing. They put all of their marketing eggs (and their hopes, dreams, and financial future) into ONE basket. That’s a pretty risky way to market and operate your business. I’ve always operated using a “marketing mix,” probably because I studied marketing in college and that’s what I learned. I am thankful for that education because now, it’s just naturally how I do things.

Case in point…Selling off my last remaining business venture

As you know if you’ve been following me for awhile, I made a decision at the end of last year to focus my time and energy on just ONE primary business, and doing what I am most passionate about. That has meant letting go of other business ventures, some active and some passive but still “hanging over my head” so to speak.

I made a decision this week to let go of the last remaining business venture – a website I created with a partner two years ago, that’s been operating just fine passively, but has not been getting the attention it deserves to really thrive, for quite some time.  That decision faced me with a marketing task: how to find a buyer for this website who will be the right person to carry on the vision that we started. The answer? Implement a marketing mix!

So here’s what I put into place, in about an hour’s time, yesterday. (Lesson: doing it right doesn’t have to take a lot of time – it’s an approach or mindset more than anything else.)

  1. I emailed another website owner who has been very supportive in marketing our site, to see if he was interested in taking over our site, or if he knew someone who might be
  2. I posted an ad on CraigsList
  3. I sent out an email to all of our website members
  4. I placed an ad on a “websites for sale” website
  5. I put the word out via my social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked, etc.)

The Results?

Less than 24 hours later I had received three serious inquiries, and I’ve already spoken with two of them, and have most likely identified a great prospect to take over the site.  We’ll be talking later this week to discuss details and terms.

The Marketing Lesson

I could have done just ONE of the five things on my list and hoped and prayed that would work. And believe me, there was a part of me that said, “just try one thing, and if that doesn’t work, you can try another.” Thankfully my “marketing” voice kicked in and reminded me that it’s not only the energy of doing multiple things that creates results (it also signals the Universe that you are serious), it’s also getting the word out via multiple channels – using a marketing mix – that works.

The next time you’re faced with getting the word out about something, consider how you can employ a marketing mix – a combination of at least 3 different activities – to reach more people and create some energy around what you’re trying to do. And make sure your activities are targeted at reaching the “right” people for what you are offering.  Then watch what happens!


About Debbie

Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. Now she helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

12 comments on “The Power of a Marketing Mix

  1. Thanks for the reminder Debbie. Using multiple channels to get the word out always increases the odds, and it seems to create a synergy of motion too. At least 3 channels is a good rule. It takes the pressure off of just doing one thing at a time and hoping it works. This is a great idea for getting in the flow!

  2. Great article (as usual) Deb. I especially like your comment about “signaling your seriousness to the universe.” I suspect that this energy and winning attitude comes through the outreach. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great Article Debbie!

    I love how you did not give up or pause of the multiple ways you could have accomplished your goal. It truly sets you up to reach your desired outcome without delay!

  4. Awesome article Debbie!

    It sure gets the wheels turning in my head. Thank you! It shows that what you think about you bring about when you put it into action.

  5. As usual, smart and timely lessons Debbie! Thank you for reminding us to engage in different ways to contact your target market in the way they use 🙂

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  7. Fascinating, reading about focus in one blog, and diversifying on yours.

    Of course, they’re different tools for different reasons. It’s just a great reminder that laser-like focus is perfect for drilling through, but sometimes you need to broadcast like radio to reach the audience.

    I’m curious: which of the 5 tools got the responses? Does that affect the mix you’d use next time?

  8. Thank you ALL for sharing your comments – looks like I struck a chord with this post and I LOVE it! Isn’t it great when you can actually start a conversation online vs. just sharing information one-way?

    Joel – Yes different tools, but all laser-focused on the right audience. The key is reaching them in different ways, and reaching MORE of them.

    The responses came from #1, #3, and #4, not surprisingly – these were the most targeted. CraigsList and Social Media, while reaching more people, are not nearly as targeted.

    By the way, the responses are STILL coming in. The good news is, it looks like I will have a CHOICE of who to sell to, which is awesome!


  9. Debbie –
    Another great post! Thanks once again for having the the clarity and sharing it. I also love the strong intention that it signals to the universe, when you step in and do multiple things to achieve a result. Very powerful signal.


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